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Hello friends. Impressio is a project that closely relates new investors and non-analyst investors. This project is already a project that I follow closely, it is a project that sounds like a project. If we will briefly mention the project at the introduction; Impressio is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform for users who want to invest in the crypto money sector, with maximum profit, minimum loss principle by offering various investment options.

As you know, we all aim to increase our money by investing in some way when we have some money. These investments are usually real estate, gold, foreign exchange, repo, bank interest, such as investments do not contain much risk. But the investments we make sometimes seem to be profitable, but in fact they are in most places. Because of the annual inflation, it is often in place. When investing our investments especially in real estate, we can make long-term gains, but we can miss many opportunities because cash can not be converted quickly in short-term.

In recent years, especially with the development of technology, investment instruments have diversified a lot. We look at blockchain technology as investment technology using the latest technology system. As we all know, Bitcoin is the main known investment tool in Blockchain technology. Especially in recent years you can see Bitcoin's name on every platform, on the internet, in newspapers, in magazines, on TVs, on radios. Most of everyone who knows how to use technology and many of the new generation investors intend to fold their money by investing in subcoins, which are derivatives of Bitcoin and Bitcoin.

When you look at the crypto money markets, you can see that there are many active investors as well as many new investors who want to invest in the crypto market. But there are many negative news on many platforms as well as the positive news of Bitcoin we see on every platform. Because of the sudden fluctuations of the market, many investors are seriously damaging and they can experience psychological problems as a result of these damages. You have seen many examples of this in the news. Because most people are aiming to fold 3x, 4x, 5x investments in short-term investments with only information about the crypto market without any knowledge. Unconsciously, new users entering the stock market are in too much trouble, and sometimes they come to the brink of suicide. This is true not only for new investors, but also for users who are actively in the cryptography market. Many people who can not analyze can take the coins they have invested in, and then they are terrestling with the prospect of falling into the coin. There are a lot of users in this way. As a result, everybody in the market is selling a crypt to a main currency like the dollar. When you look at it, it reveals the volatility on the market and nobody is buying or selling anything but fear. Here we analyze the many negativity and problems that we consider here, in a very detailed way, by developing the Impressio project which solves all the problems I consider. Let's examine the project in detail.

The Impressio project offers a variety of investment plans and payment options for users who have invested in the cryptographic money sector or who want to make new investments. Impressio will instantly track the movements on the market for investors, quickly assessing their buying opportunities or analyzing a possible fall in advance to translate the current investment into a different coin before the fall and save you from a potential damage. If you are looking for active investors who can not do graphical analysis of the project, it is indispensable for new investors. Impressio also gives a profit guarantee for users who invest their own platform. For example ;

As you can see on the table above; There are 3 different options on the platform: starter, advanced, and pro.
In the Starter section, you will receive 26 business days of service with a 5.5% rate and a minimum investment of 25 dollars to provide daily income.
In the Advanced section, you will be served 45% of the time, again with a minimum investment of 25 dollars.
In the Pro section you will be able to evaluate your investments with a minimum investment of 50 dollars and up to 125% according to the size of your investment after 14 days. Let's take a look at the ICO phase of the project.

The token symbol of the project is designated IMPR.
The total token amount of the project has been determined as 100 million IMPR.
In the ICO phase, 45 million tokens will be sold, and the ICO process is ongoing.
Impressio ICO selling price is 1 IMPR Token = 1 $.
IMPR tokens will be listed on major stock exchanges such as Binance and Hitbtc 1 week after the end of ICO.

That's all I have to tell you about my Impression project. For investors who want to invest in the project and want to get more detailed information about the project, I leave useful links below. Thank you so much for reading this article. See you next issue ....

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