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about the project
IonChain - technology from the company with the same name, which should fix one of the biggest problems in the world. Blockchain - scalability. IonChain came to the market with the goal of creating huge scalable systems that will work according to the distribution scheme. Their network will expand the capabilities of the IONC's crypto currency and integrate it into the global network.

The goal of the project is to rethink the technology of blockade. Teach it to be more flexible and easily implemented in many life processes of people. At the same time, such ease should not be at the expense of security and decentralization of the system.
IonChain believes that the whole uniqueness of technology is in its security and transparency.

Phased implementation plan for the project

The company is working to create transparent transactions in its ecosystem - IonChain. This system is able to support various platforms and provide access to them through a single account. This approach allows you to make the network scalable without sacrificing security.
Users will be able to use an account that will merge other accounts on different platforms. Between records, you can make transactions, save the necessary data and templates for payment.

IonChain have open source code on GitHub, the company is ready to communicate with its community, people can offer their ideas and wishes on the official website of the system.
IonChain operate on the principle of separation of functions. Two different levels, on which the platform will work, will be mutually filling each other. Large data will be stored on an external level, smaller data will be stored internally. This separation increases the processing speed of information, and enables you to interact with data simultaneously at different levels. Technology can be useful in organizations where it is necessary to store and work with information.

IonChain will have a horizontal scalability structure. The system is fully protected, there can not be any "drop-down" nodes. Absolutely every stage and process in the system will have the maximum degree of protection. Hacking the network becomes impossible.

The transaction system is represented by a chain structure. Transactions will be posted by periods and stage by stage the necessary procedures for audits and registrations.
The economic network IonChain also works on a partitioning system, large nodes will handle transactions and their security checks, smaller nodes are engaged in transaction confirmation.

IonChain thanks to its technology can be considered one of the most decentralized systems in the world, at the moment. The security level of IonChain is twice as high as that of BitCoin, and the speed of work is 50% faster. This speed is achieved due to the distribution of hash power in the network.

Intelligent Sharding technology allows the network to independently assess its workload and at the right time to optimize the system. This allows the network to work more energy efficiently, without unnecessary costs of resources.

Token IonChain (IONC) is based on ERC-20, and therefore supports the technology of smart contracts Ethereum. Soon the company will move to its own blockbuster platform. IONC will serve as the main means of payment in the network. The price for one token is - 0, 48 $

How will the tokens be distributed?

IonChain seeks to solve the problem of scalability of blocking technologies. This makes it possible for the crypto-currencies to expand their functionality and take root in people's lives. Thanks to Sharding technology, this ecosystem will be much cheaper than other crypto-currencies.
IonChain will be interesting as a project in the long term, so investors should evaluate it as a project where you can invest a small part of your funds. According to my forecasts, the price of the token should grow steadily. For miners, the token will also be interesting. Due to its simplicity and "ease", the token will be produced well even on weak farms. The system of rewards on IonChain is present!


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