SUBAJ is a decentralized platform for mutual benefit

Good afternoon to all readers!
Today I will continue to talk about projects based on the blockbuster and the topic of the new post is the Subaj Global Network project, which intends to bring useful changes to our everyday life.

Each of us daily participates in a chain of various trading processes. We participate in this every day, buying various goods and services and often there is no time to encourage customer loyalty. Or this system of loyalty is imperfect.
The Subaj project, as its main concept, puts the implementation of loyalty programs, which will undoubtedly be of interest to all owners of various user cards, accounts, etc., i.e. to all participants of any trading process. Such solutions will be of interest to both parties of the process: to sellers and buyers. The novelty of the project is that, unlike all previous decisions, it is built on the basis of a blockade, that is, has the property of decentralization.

Thus, thanks to the new platform, conditions will be created when all participants in the trading process will benefit. This means that the system will necessarily become in demand in such highly competitive areas as the sale of goods and services.
A new Subaj token will be created for settlement in transactions, and for rewarding customers. What is very important, tokens can be sold at any time on crypto-exchanges.

The platform will be useful to various entrepreneurs, commercial organizations, companies and service providers who can offer either SBJ tokens or their own business tokens as a reward for customer loyalty. The use of such a remuneration mechanism will also help entrepreneurs increase their daily sales.
The SUBAJ platform will act as a universal way of blocking rewards for various types of online and offline communities. Developing, it will form a giant network on the Internet and offline mode from hotels, sports clubs, shopping centers, event management agencies, taxi services, cosmetic brands, film franchises, chain stores and airlines, etc.

Soft Cap
Soft Cap is set at $ 5 million. This is the minimum amount required for the SUBAJ project. If the specified amount is successfully collected during the sale of the tokens, the project team will continue to move to Hard Cap.

Hard Cap
Hard Cap is set at $ 70 million. This is the purpose of raising funds, and the sale of tokens will stop when the equivalent of this amount is reached.


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