The first global classified market that uses blockchain technology: Fair Ninja (ICO)

The Ninja Fair is the world's first multi-national online platform that allows users to buy and sell products from anywhere in the world. than ever. By offering a coin compatible with the Yoshi ERC20, Fair Ninja will become the most complete and flexible market in the world.

Available online market, as well as individual sellers and buyers. Markets and online sellers will now have a much wider audience to sell their products and services, while buyers will have access to a wide range of products. And with the help of the automatic translation tool from Fair Ninja, the language and communication barriers will be eliminated, which will create a real international market. In addition, using our smart contract, users will be able to conduct business completely safely, knowing that the product and payment will be delivered. Clearly, Fair Ninja is a very ambitious project, and not without problems.

About the Ninja Fair

The Ninja Fair aims to become the first global classified merchandise and advertising services without delay with payments, language or support. Our goal is to prepare leading online platforms, leading in each country, to new international audiences, offering individual customers a wider choice of products and services, as well as an easy way of doing business. To ensure the free flow of goods and services, as well as reliable cryptic currency ERP and ERC. , -20 Yoshi coins are compatible.


ICO coin distribution

imbolc YSH

Pre ICO Price 1 TSH = 0.08 USD
Price 1 YSH = 0.1 USD
Available Prima
Generosity is available
Ethereum Platform
Soft printing $ 5,000,000
Hardcover $ 23.25 million
Croatian country

For more information, please click the following link:

White Paper:


0.025 GOLOS
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На Golos с 2018 M06

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