ADAB Solutions - develops FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange

ISLAM is a religion that is full of laws and procedures in everyday life. The case is in commercial law and in the same manner as in the ADAB SOLUTION project.

ADAB Solutions - develops FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on Sharia norms. The daily trading volume, designed at the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, is $ 140 million. US and monthly turnover of $ 4.2 billion. United States for the first year and a half of the stock operations.

As a result, the implementation of the ADAB Solution project will create a global infrastructure that operates on the principles of Islamic finance and society, which regulates the development of Islamic cryptoeconomics. ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency transactions, providing access to the cryptocurrency market for Muslims, which accounts for 22% of the world population, and manages Islamic financial assets with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion. Doll. USA.

Halal or not legal

The speculative nature of cryptocurrency has caused controversy among Islamic scholars about whether a cryptocurrency is permissible. The Cryptocurrency Company seeks to influence the debate by launching tools based on physical assets and certified as valid Islamic advisors.

Each OneGram encryption unit is supported by at least one gram of physical gold stored in the vault. The idea is to limit speculation.

“Gold is one of the first forms of money in an Islamic society, so this is correct,” said Ibrahim Mohammed, a British citizen who founded the company with another investor last year.

“We are trying to prove that the rules and regulations of Sharia are fully compatible with digital blockchain technology.

Uluh So far, ten million dollars of currency have been issued. About 60 percent of the number of planned coins still has to be sold; OneGram hopes to publish all this before listing it on the exchange in late May.

NeOneGram received the decision that cryptocurrency complies with Islamic principles from Al Maali Consulting, based in Dubai.

“This is one of dozens of consulting companies around the world, offering opinions about whether financial instruments comply with Islamic legal standards.

➤ In Malaysia, HelloGold launched the initial gold exchange cryptocurrency offer in October, having received the approval of Islamic scholars at the Kuala Lumpur Council of Amanie Advisors.

Manuel Ho, chief marketing officer for HelloGold, said the coin is Islamic because transactions take place over a period of time, which makes it less stable and overcomes the problem of price ambiguity.

Among other experiments, the Halal chain, based in the United Arab Emirates, in December made an initial proposal for a coin related to data on Islamic permitted items.

In the context of the ADAB solution as a cryptocurrency project, which is Halal, the following steps are planned to be implemented: The project development will be based on the entrepreneurial efforts of the organizers and their work. According to Islamic ethical norms, however, the source of wealth is the contribution of own labor and entrepreneurial business.

The first Islamic Crypto Exchange completely eliminates the possibility of speculative transactions, margin trading and transactions that do not correspond to the Sharia. This excludes Gharar and Maisir and Riba from the Exchange job.

The FICE platform is capable of handling 3 million requests per second, which makes FICE one of the fastest cryptoexchange. FICE users ensure that their application will never be suspended due to platform bottlenecks.

ADAB Solutions will evaluate an Islamic expert on sharia compliance. ADAB Solutions organizes a Sharia Advisory Board at the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. ADAB Solutions was created to create a platform for halal projects to work in full compliance with Islamic norms and Islamic finance. Our task is to help Muslims and cryptoinvestor communities to understand what is on the cryptocurrency market, what is in line with Sharia rules, and what is not.

The ADAB decision is related to the fact that this project will generally benefit the market, since halal projects essentially have utility and value, and their definitions will help develop useful ideas and reduce the number of projects in the market that are essentially haram.

We solve the problem of the Muslim community, such as:

ADAB solutions will solve the operational problems halal cryptocurrency
solutions ADAB decide the risk of excessive kriptovalyutnyh systems
ADAB Solutions solve the problem of Islamic infrastructure encryption
Lack kriptoobmena, it operates in accordance with the Shariah rules
Lack of an integrated position of the Muslim community against kriptovalyutnosti
Muslim uncertainty regarding the adoption of working with cryptocurrency
Of the existing turnover Cryptoexchange Zakat not paid.
Problems with the cryptocurrency market:
Very weak participation of Muslims in the cryptocurrency market
Lack of public confidence in key cryptoeconomic tools
Lack of new markets and investors
The importance of the Adab Solution project for the participants and its uniqueness: the draft Adab solution has no analogues in the world. Today there is not a single cryptocurrency platform or cryptoexchange that will guarantee actions based on Sharia. Adab Solutions will be the first project that will allow the use of cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance and based on Sharia norms.

The Adab Solution project targets a very large audience of 1.8 billion potential Muslim users from the cryptocurrency market.

Project projectivity. The Adab Solution project was developed in accordance with the highest security standards and has unique technical capabilities from key software solutions. The Adab solution project forms a value system based on Sharia norms and principles of Islamic finance, which will become the basis for self-regulation of the cryptocurrency market and increase the level of trust in key cryptocurrency instruments.

Full transparency of the project Solusi Adab. Project transparency and safe jurisdiction will allow buying and selling cryptocurrencies for fixed money. Project Goals and Mission

ADAB Solution develops FICE-First Islamic Crypto Exchange based on Sharia norms. The goal of the ADAB Solution project is to create cryptoexchange platforms, stock exchanges and services that comply with Sharia norms and operate according to Islamic principles.

The objective of the ADAB Solutions project is to create conditions and services based on high Islamic moral and cultural values ​​and providing access to all cryptoeconomic users.

The main task of ADAB Solutions is to create a structure that will set new ethical standards for doing business in the industry. ADAB - standards of conduct that are defined by Sharia norms, including good behavior, standards of modesty, politeness, humanity. The name ADAB Solution is a big responsibility for the creators of
ADAB projects - this is the way of life in Islam, which the project founders consider not only natural in everyday life, but also the basis of binding business relationships.




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