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Hello. If you are interested in participating in the Asobi Coin project, it is worth reading a review that will help you get information on the vision and mission of the Asobi Coin project.

Secondary digital content is very popular today, especially for the segment of comic books and other entertaining material. But unfortunately, there are no good services that allow users to share content of this type. In most cases, users are faced with serious commissions, fraudulent schemes and the lack of quality content. Developers of the decentralized platform ASOBI offer new opportunities to those who are going to sell / buy secondary game content. Using a decentralized security system enables quality deals - users can confirm their right to own and distribute certain content in order to avoid problems with fraudulent schemes. But ASOBI is not a highly specialized content platform - there is a special internal currency for the project, which in the future will allow you to freely buy certain items in games from ASOBI. Such loans allow you to significantly advance in games presented on the market crypto currency.

Who created the ASOBI project?

The developer of the project is ASOBIMO, Inc., its main activity is the creation of quality games in different genres. Among the most successful projects are games in the 3D MMORPG genre, which are very popular on the Asian market. Developers are confident that they will be able to combine their gaming content and features of the decentralized ASOBI platform. Owners of project tokens will be able to count on pleasant bonuses in the game - they will have access to various unique characters and things, as well as locations for an exciting game. In this way, developers are trying to attract young, ambitious investors to the ASOBI project.

Problem with secondary digital content, a list of available solutions
Here it is worth considering all in stages to understand what ASOBI developers are offering their potential customers and investors.

Many wonder - why Secondary content is so difficult and dangerous segment? But ASOBI developers are going to refute this idea - they create a decentralized platform that opens up new opportunities for working with virtual content. Users will be able to count on truly fair and secure deals.

Existing problem
Creators as well as content consumers often face the problem of authenticity of the material. After all, copying such content is incredibly simple - you can sell a non-existent song or rights to non-gaming content. Developers of ASOBI are going to solve this problem, through the introduction of blockade, as well as intellectual contracts.

The optimal solution to an existing problem The
decentralized ASOBI platform is based on blockade, which allows you to reliably protect content from fraudsters' attacks. Thanks to intellectual contracts, the terms of the deals will be discussed at the initial stage and recorded in a separate chain. This approach allows customers to get quality content, and sellers - the amount in tokens.

It is also worth noting that ASOBI Token owners will be able to rely on additional benefits in the game world. On the platform, you will be able to buy things and improvements for ASOBI game characters.

Inside the platform itself, there will be a separate place for gamers to work. NAGA VIRTUAL will open up new opportunities for those gamers who love to find unique items and want to monetize their efforts. They will be able to display their findings on peculiar auctions, relying on a very profitable profit.

Full Security
Regardless of the status of the gamer, everyone will be required to adhere to the platform's rules and act in accordance with intellectual contracts. ASOBI will allow you to safely sell and buy items using all the features of the blockade.

Game Publishers
Make Money Easily create unique content for games and other projects to monetize it with the decentralized ASOBI platform and get a token reward for their work.

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