The emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has driven many investors into the crypto world. According to Motley Fool, there are presently about 1,659 which worths about $369 market capital.
Thanks to Nagamoto Satoshi who invented Bitcoin as a result of the world financial meltdown.
There are still pertinent questions one should ask before delving into cryptocurrency investment. These questions include;
What cryptocurrencies to buy and how to buy?
What is the appropriate time to buy such cryptocurrencies?
What are the best way to store such cryptocurrencies?
These questions and others prompt the emergence of Atomz platform to regulate the activities of cryptocurrencies.

Atomz basically aims to make cryptocurrency investment easy, with guaranteed profit for stakeholders. The software will ensure the analysis of cryptocurrency trends and rate such cryptocurrency with an Atomz after series of comparisons and calculations. It hopes to enable regular investors and even newcomers in cryptocurrency to scale through the challenges of blockchain technology investment. The software will revolutionize cryptocurrency investment methods as well as investors' view of it.


There are serious challenges associated with cryptocurrency since it's emergence into the financial investment market. Such challenges include; time constraints and difficulty in identifying the right cryptocurrency to purchase and sell. There are also cases where investors fall for false hype that surrounds cryptocurrency. Creating a barrier to cryptocurrency market, newcomers tern to have difficulty figuring out the right place to purchase cryptocurrency.

Also, thanks to lack of research and professional advice, investors who are captured by FOMO (fear of missing out), thus, without a better understanding of cryptocurrency, they buy in large quantity, hoping to make money.
There is an absence of an affordable, trusted, reliable, automatic and transparent system for investors with limited time to frequently trade their assets.



The entirety of blockchain technology is presently already cumbersome, hence, the Atomz platform primarily seeks to make cryptocurrency investment more transparent, reliable, accessible, easy and acceptable. The project hopes to eliminate or at least diminish cryptocurrency risk and incorporate the generality of the public into a safe and secure project.
It employs 'Advice', a technology that determines the purchase and sell of the best cryptocurrency.


The Atomz formula ensures the utilisation of trading strategies and multiple trends which acts as printers to know the performance and predict future status of a cryptocurrency. Results of cryptocurrencies can be customized and displayed accordingly with the aid of the trends, paying particular attention to investor's preference.

An analysis of the top 100 cryptocurrencies is run by the Atomz software, thus, investors discover the best cryptocurrency to invest after the submission of their
request which the software will analyze within an hour. Advice is Atomz's first level tier, with a fast and transparent process of analysis.
Atomz's second level tier, cryptocurrency packs is similar to mutual funds for stocks on the financial exchange market. It come in varieties such as the techno packs which is based on cryptocurrencies that attract technological advances; the market cap packs which is concerned with market cap; the Atomz top packs which according to the ATOMZ index are the best cryptocurrencies, and the early adopters pack which is basically for new cryptocurrencies with the potential to quickly rise. The packs can be purchased and sold with Atomz.


In order to increase investor's financial safety, the third level tier, the trading bot utilises the Atomz index, it helps investors with their investment. This tier incorporates lots of trends for series of cryptocurrencies in comparison. This is fast and saves funds lost as there is regular trading, thus making it difficult for theft.
Atomz's token, ATZ, is an ERC20 token with a total distribution of 25,000,000 ATZ tokens. 3,500,000 tokens will be kept for private and for pre-ICO investors each, while 8,000,000 tokens will be offered during the main ICO. Purchasing mutual funds and accessing the dashboard, the tokens posses few utilities, locking unsold tokens until the platform release.



ATOMZ is an unrivaled model project which envisions a world where cryptocurrency investment is done in the most safe, cost-effective, easy and transparent way. It offers a painless process, guaranteeing maximum profit for every investor. It is an all-engaging platform which can reach consumers in the most secure way.


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