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Bixtrim is an innovative crypto exchange platform with simplified access for everyone.

Hello friend. If you are interested in joining the Bixtrim project, it's worth reading reviews that will help you get information that can help you when you see their mission vision for the Bixtrim project:

Bixtrim is innovative crypto exchange platform with a simplified access to everyone. Here, in Bixtrim, we believe everyone should have easy and quick access to the crypto-financial services, which is why our team created a platform that solves the most burning issue in the world today crypto. This platform will include an enhanced version of the functionality found in the exchange platform.

Interest Bixtrim
In order to effectively facilitate and implement our mission, a multifunctional platform will be engineered and designed
by Bixtrim team. products and services we will offer the right breakthrough crypto features that the world needs and covers The main innovation in this industry. The platform will include:
Enhanced versions of the functions normally found on the exchange platform A unique set of opportunities such as;

  • pawnshops crypto
  • futures
  • New cryptocurrency escrow support and multifactor authentication
  • A debit card is directly linked to cryptocurrency wallet

mission Bixtrim
We believe in a world where everyone has access to sophisticated financial crypto and this service should be accessible to the general public than the professional market segments in isolation.

Bixtrim solution to the problem of the current market
Bixtrim is in close partnership with one of the leading fi microfinance organizations in Georgia, which is currently held by holding the same name as Bixtrim. With the full support of financial institutions, our customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies in our cash desk in a few minutes. Bixtrim will utilize all existing service center network and the future, providing easy access to fi on and crypto for all parties concerned in a few minutes.

Additionally, Bixtrim will use accounts in various banks to support many modern methods of money transfer possible (eg SEPA) to offer instant transfer. Through a network of our account will be able to quickly track the client's bank account.

Bixtrim will develop crypto pawn shops where the owner can coin coin pawn them for some period and take their coins after meeting their financial commitments. This option gives customers the opportunity to keep coins and profit in the long term, while accepting much-needed short-term cash.

We will develop an exclusive feature - futures contracts on Bixtrim platform supports prede defined transaction date. Each platform users will be able to use this feature and trade with ease. All coins are traded on the platform Bixtrim will enjoy the support of this term. While the buyer / seller agreements between anonymous and they will not be legally binding, Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantor and freeze some amount of money for both sides to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Bixtrim will issue global cryptocurrency with the ability to process at least 100,000 transactions a second. With these technologies, many transactions can be processed per second worldwide. Bixtrim coin will serve as a catalyst, which connects the crypto market to the retail market.

Bixtrim new coins will have a multifactor authentication feature. This feature will be developed in accordance with the standards / best practices used in the banking sector, which has been tested over time. This innovative approach will bring close to zero the risk of theft, because even in the worst case scenario of an exchange platform hacked, nobody will be able to do any of the unauthorized transfer of coins Bixtrim.

The Bixtrim Platform users will be able to choose between fi cation and multifactor authentication methods simplification.

Specifications Token
The total volume of emission is 72 million tokens, which is divided into several sections: 10.8 million tokens will be sold in packages of discounts, including:

  • Private sale from 1 June to 20 June - 3 million BXM (discount of 80% with a minimum order of 20 000 tokens)
  • Phase 1 sales from June 21 to June 30 - 1.3 million BXM (60% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)
  • Phase 2 sales from 1 July to 15 July - 2.6 million BXM (40% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)
  • Phase 3 Sales from 16 July to 31 July - 3.9 million BXM (a 20% discount with a minimum order of 30 tokens)
    Regular sales process starting from August 1 until September 30 42.8 million tokens will be sold at the original price. 6.5 million tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing. 11.9 million tokens stay in the ownership of the co-founder, partner and advisor. All clients and investors are asked to continue the KYC procedure.

The reason why this project is eligible to participate Invest?
Bixtrim team has an innovative vision of the future with the use of crypto simplified in everyday life and we want our customers to be a part of it.
The popularity and success have made rapid cryptocurrency important for the infrastructure and functionality to follow. That is why we find so many obstacles and problems that need to be solved. Our team consists of people who are minded rallied to realize these revolutionary ideas.
-Platform exchange Crypto to Fiat with simplified access
-Crypto pawnshop to eliminate the potential for loss of profit for the owners of coin
-Kontrak futures solve the cash out of the slow cryptocurrency
New -Cryptocurrency supporting escrow
Debit-card transactions without taxes and easy everywhere

  • Value Tokens
    Token refers to digital assets are sold to a fiat currency (USD, EUR) or crypto currency of liquid value (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Tokens can have different functions, for example, they can provide access to enterprise services.
    Token Bixtrim can save up to 60% of transaction costs in other exchange market.
    In this case, the token Bixtrim have cost $ 1 (not including any discounts during the period ICO) and can have a value of the money you save on transaction costs, which makes the value is much higher than the cost.

After you read the brief review above may be some of you still have questions about the project Bixtrim. You can contact the team Bixtrim through Bixtrim website or official social media Bixtrim. Before deciding to participate with this project I encourage you to learn first bixtrim project through websit and read the detailed project Bixtrim Bixtrim through the white paper. For more information about this project please click the link below:

for more information visit the link below ...

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