BRAVO has an existing application-based mobile macro and micro payments business that currently serves the mainstream US market with tens of thousands of monthly active users. Anonymous mobile payment technology BRAVO continued to evolve into a “next generation” payment platform, incorporating blockchain technology into its business. This technology is another step towards making payments more anonymous, less expensive, worldwide and, most importantly, speeding up the transaction time, giving the user complete control over the transaction.
BRAVO Pay continues to bring financial opportunities to a new generation that values ​​simplicity, confidentiality and transparency with a payment solution designed for mass acceptance of crypto payments!

BRAVO was created in 2014 by Maria Luna (MBA) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez, when they found themselves in a situation where they had to pay someone, but they did not have the money for it.

"We traveled on foot in Southern Utah and did not have the cash to tip our guide; then we realized that there must be a way to pay someone for their services digitally, without having to share personal data or information — just pay. Bravo was born that way, ”said Dr. Rodriguez.

After months of user-oriented research and development, the application was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in 2015, where it won the Audience Award.

The application was also posted on ABC in 2017, where the BRAVO team made a deal with two high-ranking investors.

The BRAVO app quickly spread beyond Phoenix, where the company is located, and now has reached more than 1,000 cities in the United States with thousands of small businesses, including valet parking, coffee shops and micro-merchants using the app to easily accept mobile payments.

The company also works with charities such as the Phoenix Children's Hospital, the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation, One Vision One World, and many others to make it easier for them to accept donations.

BRAVO is currently integrating the blockchain technology into its platform to reduce latency, which will speed up transaction time, reducing costs for the end user.

In the near future, the company will also begin selling tokens, and the BRAVO token BVO will be used to power the platform, reward users and allow traders to buy and sell on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Tokens sale dates have not yet been announced.

In the future, the company will expand to global markets where mobile payment ecosystems are growing rapidly, especially in developing countries, and will go far beyond the tip industry to focus on peer-to-peer payments, retail transactions, API development and much more.


Find nearby users with GPS and pay them directly without having to use email, username or phone number.
Rate and leave feedback about your favorite specialists, merchants, musicians, or anyone else after making a payment.
Easily view transaction history and check revenue trends at a glance.
Sign up in seconds with email, phone or Facebook.
Easily add your bank account or credit card details to start sending or receiving money instantly.


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