Certore offers a concept of the open community as a modern way of standardization management in the cryptocurrency

Evolution of the cryptocurrency world results in appearing new approaches in standardization management and certification process. The key challenges in establishing new standards related to the quality of digital tokens are as follows:

📌 Following standards;
📌 Influencing standards;
📌 Network availability and stability;
📌 Compliance with regulations of different jurisdictions;
📌 Staying secure in the dynamic environment with new functionality.

A good and innovative solution for the development of standardization procedures in digital tokens area has been proposed by the Certore project team. Now we will try to look into the main concept, goal, and features of this undertaking in more details.

Website: https://certore.com/
Whitepaper: https://certore.com/media/whitepaper.pdf

Concept of the Certore project:
Certore offers a concept of the open community as a modern way of standardization management in the cryptocurrency field thus establishing an acceptance system for digital tokens. This means that Certore is going to become an intermediary and implementer but not a decision maker.

The main goal of the Certore project is to provide rules and description of standards to open community using web-portal which is focused on automatization and reducing harmful human factor. This is achieved due to satisfying stated key requirements:

▶️ Provide and protect the voting process of the community members;
▶️ Guarantee transparent system for the voting area;
▶️ Prevent fraud or harmful activity influencing the process of standards and certificates development;
▶️ Establish clear problems solutions as well as improvements implementation in terms of standards and certificates technology development;
▶️ Assure access to the portal for each community member and currency holder;
▶️ Incentivize community involvement and promote high-quality standards of digital currencies.

Taking into account the above-stated approach we may conclude that the main feature of the Certore Portal is standardization and certification event based on automatic system (SCEBAS).

Certore Portal is represented in the form of a web-based application used for introducing and accepting standards and certificates for the digital tokens thus minimizing direct human impact. This will also allow establishing rules for successful global procurement of crypto tokens based on basic criteria and standards thus bringing high quality to the crypto world economics.

Voting area is introduced within Certore Portal as a main and unique method of acceptance and development of standards and certification as well as software business processes providing desirable process transparency and substantiality.

Certore tokens and ICO terms:
In order to maintain the integrity of the Certore Portal and exchange value in a cost-effective manner, Certore tokens have been issued to serve as the utility for decentralized standardization and certification process. These tokens are functioning on the Ethereum ERC20 network and can be exchanged and bought in the Ethereum-supported wallets. Certore tokens also serve as a passive investing tool and can be bought and held by active traders for obtaining income with high ROI in the nearest future.

It is worth emphasizing that there is no dedicated web-based portal for establishing standardization and certification procedures for digital assets and Certore positions themselves as early adopters thus attracting a lot of institutional investors who pour money in the form of ICO - a new way of fundraising through issuing the underlying crypto tokens (Certore tokens) of the project. More token specifications and ICO details are submitted below:

Certore tokens specifications;

👉 Token Name: Certore
👉 Token Symbol: CERT
👉 Total tokens: 75 000 000 CERT
👉 Tokens for sale: 52 499 901 CERT
👉 Purchase methods: ETH
👉 Pre-sale stage: April 9-30
👉 Crowdsale stage (ICO): May 1 - June 30

The maximum amount available for presale is 7 500 000 tokens, 67 500 000 are reserved and will be dispatched at ICO stage according to the following distribution scheme:

Project team:
Development of the project is carried out under the control of qualified team both in the related fields: blockchain technology, software engineering, quality assurance, social media management, marketing. The team is not large but I hope that the project concept will be implemented according to the schedule due to highly experienced developers and we will be able to observe the birth of new and innovative way of standardization and certification base on blockchain mechanisms. Team members can be familiarized with on the official website: https://certore.com/


We deal with a very interesting project that is related to establishing standards of the digital assets. According to the project team view, digital currency as blockchain technology expected to meet such requirements as basic criteria or value drivers: 1) decentralization; 2) anonymity; 3) security;4) reliability; 5) convenience. Certore has a good potential for leading position in certification and standardization area due to modern and well-thought concept based on blockchain technology and involvement of the community. This undertaking can really attract attention of institutional investors so let us observe the progress of fundraising and marketing campaigns.
Certore project contact information:

• Project website: https://certore.com/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/certore_social
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/certore.social/
• Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/certore/
• BitcoinTalk (Forum Thread): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109240

Author : Bitcoin demon


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