Ethic hub: Finally helping becomes profitable

Company: Ethic Hub is an investment platform that universalizes access to highly profitable positive impact projects, by directly connecting investors to projects rated by risk level.

Clear objectives:

· Support those interested in good investment opportunities with social impact.

· Help them to understand why blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the key to our solution, and

· Spread the word about EthicHub in order to grow our user network.

Mission: To prove that compliance with these values generates material benefits too, by aknowledging

reputation and trust as an asset.

Introduction video:

For what it was created:

EthicHub is an upcoming lending platform aimed at making it easier for investors to lend money to farmers, who often borrow at very high-interest rates.
So basically, it allows the user to lend to the farmer and get a refund in the form of interest because it has a very high return on investment.

Company's vision:

- We are quite aware of the enormous responsibility we acquire by choosing this name for our project because

it represents our declaration of intentions:

- We humbly make the commitment to strive every day to improve as individuals, as human beings, and to promote the adoption of collective values that improve our


- We are convinced ethic’s main values: justice, responsibility, integrity, respect, honesty, equity, are the basis

of constructive relationships.


Direct P2P economic interaction between investors and borrowers.

Financial intermediation is eliminated through Blockchain developed SmartContracts, allowing for faster, more efficient and safer payments. This operating cost reduction enables an increasing profit margin, benefiting mainly borrowers and investors.
SmartContracts with automatically regulated timelocks (defined time span to gather total loan amount), P2P transferences between borrower and crowdfunders (multiple investors), payment times and loan rates for the borrower as well as distribution of profits for investors, Local Nodes and Ethic Hub. Money is directly transferred without involving a third party, not even LendingDev.

Token information



A solid team of entrepreneurs with experience in their respective areas: business management, innovation

and entrepreneurship, financial intermediation, technological development and marketing.

Jori Armbruster / Leadership Node. University Degree in Marketing. Master Degree in Innovation and

Enterpreneurship. CEO Experience in Thisa, B2B distribution company in Spain with over 100

salespoints. email / linkedin
Pablo Chang / Projects Node. Industrial Mechanical Engineer. Founder and CEO of Satori Koan,

financial entity in Mexico specialized in intermediating credit to agricultural sector with a volume of

over 10 million euro and more than 8,000 borrowers. email / linkedin
Raúl Martínez / Technology Node. Electronics Industrial Engineer, software developer, entrepreneur. U-

tad Associate Professor on Mobile Platforms. CTO, Lead developer and Co-Founder of BarSpace, an

app to discover all events at bars and pubs in London. R&D Software engineer at Samsung

Electronics. Mobile platforms developer email / linkedin / github.


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