Maestro will provide an environment that allows unimpeded creation

What is MAESTRO ?
Maestro solves the problem, which today affects the music industry, namely the unfair structure of the industry itself. Maestro aims to create a transparent industry through decentralization with blockchain technology. Leaving "intermediaries" from the process, consumers will be able to use streaming services at much more reasonable prices.
The maestro consists mainly of two parts: "Symphony", streaming service and "Ensemble", the center of focus. Artists can raise funds for their project before production through Ensemble. After completion of the project, they can distribute their creations and earn income through Symphony.
Maestro will become a new paradigm for the music industry. We at Maestro will provide an environment that allows unimpeded creation, as well as an ecosystem that fairly shares the rights of songs.
MAESTRO system

pay only the amount they listened to
Payment based on actual consumption
Lower fees than other services
Investment opportunities
Do not worry about increasing production costs
Fair profits for artists
The cost of producing music is associated with funding
Rights to creative work
Implement blockchain technology for an effective, future-oriented platform for music services.
Maestro will implement blockchain technology and use it to gradually develop a decentralized application that is most suitable for the music industry
Provide an enabling environment for creating music.
Maestro will solve the most pressing problem of the music industry: an unfair distribution of capital. This problem should be solved with the aim of attracting and providing a larger user base, including artists.
Create an environment in which small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and new artists can reduce their financial burden and retain their rights to their work.
Despite the spread of the music market, most of the proceeds continue to be monopolized by large manufacturing companies. This monopoly leads to a vicious cycle when small manufacturing companies do not have the means to create high-quality content and continue to experience great difficulties in attracting consumers. Maestro will help the creative work of small manufacturing companies and new artists through a fair distribution of the industry's capital.
Help create high-quality music using Lean Process.
Lean Process, which focuses on process optimization to create the greatest value from the least resources, first began in the manufacturing industry, but since its introduction it has spread widely in other areas. The music industry is no exception. Effective communication between the creator and the consumer, which begins at the production stage, helps to create high-quality content.
Allow consumers freedom of choice and create new investment opportunities.
Maestro will give all consumers the opportunity to invest in created, new and yet debut artists. Investors will be guaranteed a fair share of profits, even if the artists subsequently sell their rights to copyrights and distribution.
Provide consumers with the opportunity to actively cooperate with artists in promoting projects and participate in the creative process.
Consumers who fund projects through Maestro have an incentive to become their "marketers" and actively participate in the success of their investments. They will become reliable supporters of artists and manufacturing companies.
Provide decentralized, secure services to all customers.
Maestro can have service construction as its immediate goal, but in the long term, the ultimate goal of Maestro is the decentralization of services. We endeavor to eventually create a solid structure that distributes all revenue fairly among artists and token owners.
Platform "Music streaming + funding" based on the blockbuster
Maestro is a block-based platform that basically consists of two parts: crowdfunding services that handle the attractiveness, investment, distribution and balancing of accounts for financing, and the streaming service that handles the distribution of music.
The fee for purchasing Maestro Service: 0%
All profits distributed between the holders of the tokens
Transparent structure of profit from services
Artists can establish a distribution ratio
Crowdfunding System for Artists
Building a financing environment for production costs for artists
Expands investment opportunities for ordinary consumers
Winning solution for artists and investors
Fair Music Streaming Service for consumers
Decentralized streaming service without intermediaries
The structure of fair payment based on actual consumption
Reduced costs compared to other streaming services
Maestro Token Sale
Name of the token:
Maestro marker
Token Symbol:
1 ETH = 10000 MAE
Tokens for sale:

  • Unused tokens will be burned.
    620,000,000 MAE
    Distribution of tokens

Detailed Information
Technical paper:

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