Hello friend. If you are interested in joining the NEBULA project, it's worth reading the reviews that will help you get information about the NEBULA project vision and mission:

WHAT is Nebula AI?

Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain integrated with Artificial Intelligence and sharing economies.

Nebula AI is a convenient crypto platform that is closely integrated with AI-based computer services. The project is able to reduce the unregulated consumption of electrical power for the production of crypto currency by complex conversion of mining machines GPU into powerful computing devices AI.
Nebula AI also allows the GPU miners to contribute their GPU hash power to AI computing power which allow for a variety of AI applications. This invention allows Nebula AI to compete with the pricing of Amazon and Google cloud computing services.

On the Nebula AI blockchain, developers can design and implement their own AI applications by communicating with Nebula AI API. Developers can get NBAI tokens by posting free or paid apps. Application usages will also generate profits for developers in the form of NBAI tokens.The remaining cost will be paid for using the Nebula AI blockchain while running AI apps. Artificial intelligence transactions recorded on the NBAI will be irreversible. Distributed computing networks also ensure adequate computing power. The AI blockchain makes the easy and cost-efficiency access to AI resource possible.

WHAT Nebula AI DO?

WHAT is the OBJECTIVES of Nebula AI ?

• Shared AI Computing Platform
Since the processing systems on AI platforms consists of increased work load and distribution of power to AIs. Nebula AI blockchain will address the inconsistency between consumers and suppliers of this AI devices. The AI computing system will be shared and will restrict suppliers of the AI devices to reach the 100% usage of computing power this also goes for the consumers to, with this, the peer-to-peer technology will be efficient and will facilitate adequate performance irrespective of the workload.
• AI Physical Computing Units
Here, the GPU computing mining machines and being converted to the AI computing units. Simple hash calculations and being converted to AI task calculations, The AI computing power is also shared and there is increase in hardware performance.
• Decentralized AI Applications
Computing power will be used the DAI programmers to create Decentralized AI applications. It consists of the payment API, computing capacity estimation API and work estimation API.
• Integrated IPFS Distributed Storage
An InterPlanetary File System of Nebula is designed to addressed the situation of storage. It comprises a peer-to-Peer system of storing and sharing multimedia facilities such as those handling sound and video. The Integrated IPFS creates a better environment for distribution of files.
• AI Engineer Training Center
Nebula AI will create a systematic atmosphere for training and equipping personals with the practical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. This will be done to bridge the gap and also develop the existence of Artificial Intelligence to interested users. Talents will be nourished and also more applications will be created in this space.

Public sale: April 02, 2018 11:00 am(EST) - April 20, 2018 23:59 (EST)
Token Price: 10,000 NBAI/ETH
Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 12000 ETH
KYC & Whitelist Required

Token Distribution/Allocations:

Token Sale: 3,015,000,000 NBAI [45%]
Foundations: 1,675,000,000 NBAI [25%]
Team and Advisors: 1,005,000,000 NBAI [15%]
Early Contributors: 670,000,000 NBAI [10%]
Marketing and Partners Supports : 335,000,000 NBAI [13%]



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