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Hello, This time I will talk about the ICO project which is very promising to follow the name OCTUS.
Octus (OCT) is the first true encryption project to massively and automatically distribute Crypto calls and tokens from the most popular block chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares, NEO, NEM, Waves,

Because it is a distributed tool, anyone can use it to distribute cryptocurrency is a list of wallets that they have chosen as an automated, controlled security method.

Features Anyone

the world can download software and deploy CryptoCourt in minutes.

The Wallet verification
application can validate each wallet included in the list and validate the token or currency to send.

Master node 2.0
The 100 OCT payments on our application will be distributed to the walls of the people holding the OCTUS master collection and will be paid in proportion to the number of tokens.

who has a token of 5000 OCT or more on HODL's proof wallet will receive an air drop from another project.

The report
system can then export the report at the end of each distribution to reprocess the failed shipment.

Controlled deployment
You can see in real time how your deployment is running and whether it is a failed wallet.

Various block chain
applications will allow different block chains to be shipped.

Deployed in minutes The
application uses multithreading to manage the concurrency using the performance of the processor to send transactions in parallel.

The OCTUS Team


Information Token

Token Name: OCTUS
Symbol: OCT
Type: Ethereal Token ERC20
Total Supply: 2,500,000
Decimal Token 18
Smart Contract: 0x7e9d365C0C97Fe5FcAdcc1B513Af974b768C5867



20% Air Drop
5% Bountys
10% Team
20% Discount Wallet
45% Individual Investors

Fund Use

70% will go on application development
Marketing 15%
Exchange 10%
5% Reserve Account



2017 third quarter
from the current
Project Definition
recruitment team
concept testing

first quarter of 2018
the project publicly released
airdrop launch
bounty launch campaigns

third quarter of 2018
Octus alpha release
marketing campaign starts
paper release

third quarter 2018
block integration and chain
Web site updates
integration with Ethereum Blockchain

4 quarter 2018
Octus Beta 1.0

token sales
Beta 1.0 release
integrates with Waves and Bitcoin Blockchains

1 quarter 2019
Beta 2.0 Octus
exchange releases
alpha release
Octus 1.0 tesnet
NANO and NEM integration with the block chain
Beta 2.0 Release

2019 3rd Quarter
Beta 3.0
Integration with Octus NEO and Bitshares Blockchains
Beta 3.0 Released

New Updates and Maintenance
Integration with New Block Chains
Final Release of Version 1.0

More information:
Website: https://www.octus.network/
White Paper: https://github.com/octusnetwork/Documents /blob/master/whitepaper-v1_0_23.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octusnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/octusnetwork/
Telegram: https://t.me/octusnw

Author : Bitcoin demon

Myeth :

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