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What is Blinked?

Blinked is a social media recommendation platform run by a group of eligible individuals, which gives users up to 90 percent of advertising revenue. Members earn 90% of their income by becoming active advisors. Your income level will be determined by how involved you are, and members only share their favorite things, places, services, and other things that fascinate them. For prizes, the members exchange their income in the flashing ode of the bow. In return, members come out with flashing tokens (BLKD). Linked Blockchain Recommendation Rewards Network Benefits
Join a growing community with more than 13,000 customers. The platform takes KYC with a lot of seriousness. Those who are interested in buying BLKD tokens should submit the information requested for the follow-up review process, which can last up to 48 hours. To further enforce your privacy, this platform reveals information that is sent and not shared with any third party.

1.The Blinked Feed
Users can see every Blink in Blinked Feed created by users they choose to follow including friends, influencers, experts, or publications by swiping from left to right in the application.

  1. Find
    Each user can find other new users, Flash, influencers or publications and choose to follow them Discover. A toggle is available to view their images all categorically and text fields are available for clearer searches.

3.Map/Near Me
Each user can see recommendations made by friends around on the map, and can choose the map display or list. Filters are available to see results categorically (eg Food & Drink or Shopping).


available by tapping the upper right corner of the application. The profile picture and settings can be adjusted. Users can also see any recommendations made by them to date. Filter categorically to see recommendations based on cities or categories. Other user profiles are available by tapping their name or
image anywhere that is seen in the application.

  1. Ask the
    User to "Ask" a friend to get a recommendation. The Ask appears only in feeds. Anyone who follows the user can respond.
    Blinked Arcade users
    can redeem Blinked Gold (BGZD). for prizes at Blinked Arcade.

Users can see their total BLKD and BLKD Gold tokens.

Blinked (BLKD) tokens are special programs based on users and advertisers, while working with program users will receive real rewards for their work both in administrative plans and advertiser promotions, as a result, advertisers will be fully satisfied with product advertisements and job users of those who advertise them.

Blinked platform - each user can register on a social networking application and place complete information about himself and his life and use advertisements for work or promotion for advertisers, payments will be made to the protocol wallet address for token holders, such as good for viewing short training videos for projects and how to use it. Users can track recommendations of friends and acquaintances in ad choices and see maps of their locations and objects such as Food, Drinks, or Shopping. User profiles are available by clicking in the upper right corner of the application. Image settings and profiles can be adjusted. Upload photos, enjoy and comment. Users can also see whatever recommendations they have made to date. Filter categorically to see recommendations for cities or categories.


About Blinked BLKD tokens:
The BLKD project token is built on a modern protocol ERC 20 (Ethereum tokens). Blinked token delivery (BLKD) is guided by the following economic rules designed to ensure a stable increase in value. During the sale of tokens, delivery of Token Blinked (BLKD) has been repaired. The total delivery of tokens is 1 billion and has a limit of no more than this amount.

To finance our blockchain development roadmap, Blinked will hold a token distribution event that will offer sales of 525,000,000 BLKD. The results of the BLKD token distribution event will be used to fund Blinked operations including the development of our blockchain-supported projects.

The first token sale will start on May 30, 2018, and will last for 30 days or when the lid is reached, whichever happens first. This initial sale is a total of 100,000,000 BLKD. Future sales dates as scheduled here, with several dates to be determined.

During this period, individuals can buy tokens through our website. Tokens will be offered at an exchange rate of $ 0.08 US = 1 BLKD.

Pre Initial Quantity: 50,000,000

Public Price: $ 0.08

Pre-Sales Early Bonus: 20%

Min Buy: $ 1,000.00 US

Local: US and Bermuda

REC: Metamask wallet

Token Blinked (BLKD) also uses Blinked technology exclusively for many users. This simple system makes it possible to enter the name of their recommendations. It can get other data (addresses, websites, images, etc.) that are automatically filled into more effective and useful advertising campaigns can get more benefits and have partnerships with Amazon, OpenTable, among others.

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