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Briefly about Vendio
Problem and solution by Vendio
ICO project and VENDI token

Briefly about Vendio

We all know how the video content market has changed in recent years. Video platforms and video hosting services are crowding out TV programs. Streaming services, in turn, come on the heels of cinemas. Game bloggers collect an audience from screens comparable to the number of viewers in prime-time from the central TV channels.

And this is not the limit. The world of video is changing in our eyes!

But what happens to the advertising market? In essence, we see the same tools that were used 10 years ago, at the dawn of all changes. That is, the market of the content itself is changing, and advertising tools remain classic? It should not be!

The creators of Vendio, an advertising video platform based on blockchain technologies of the new generation, came to this point. The solution from Vendio will allow not only to direct advertising flows based on the preferences of the viewer, but also to do this quickly, efficiently and clearly . And about why it is so important - let's talk more.

Problem and solution by Vendio

How many times do you watch YouTube and use the "Skip Ads" button, 5 seconds after the start of the video? I think that regularly. I believe that you can guess how unprofitable it is for the advertiser.

Do you know why this is happening? Because modern tools of the same YouTube do not allow to direct advertising to the target audience. We often see the same videos on completely different channels in content. Well, maybe once we look at it out of curiosity, but why show it to us ten times?

A fairly well-known singer Taylor Swift, for example, is extremely dissatisfied with YouTube’s work and claims that 66% of users click on the “Skip Ads” button immediately after five seconds.

And you can remember the videos with a length of 30 seconds in front of the video, which itself is 30-45 seconds long, SD videos in HD video, or, the worst possible option, a commercial in the resolution of 4: 3 with a standard 16: 9 video. Will you watch such an advertisement? I think the answer is obvious.

Vendio will use tags from the content creator to offer the advertiser the optimal place in the video to advertise. In the same way, targeted advertisements will be selected.

All this will be spelled out in the smart contracts, which allows the blockchain technology. In this way, the most effective solution will be achieved that affects all interested parties: the advertiser, the content creator, and the viewer .

ICO project and VENDI token

ICO from Vendio started on September 15 and will be held for 70 days. The price of the VENDI token is 0.2 USD. In total, 50 million tokens have been allocated for sale; the Hard-Cap project, respectively, is 10 million USD.

VENDI is a utility token that will be used within the framework of the Vendio platform for:

payment of services and placement of commercials;
encouraging content creators;
encouragement and involvement of the audience, etc.
All issued VENDI tokens will be distributed in the following ratio:

60% will be sold as part of ICO;
20% allocated for project partners;
10% will remain with the development team;
10% allocated for the project team.

Overall, the Vendio looks good. It is the simplicity and necessity to solve them on the market that bribes the project. A positive moment is the availability of the finished product, which can already be tried. I think you should pay attention to it, or at least add to your bookmarks to follow the news about the project. It is possible that investment success will follow the simple model.


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