Hello friend. If you are interested in joining the VITECOIN project, it's worth reading the reviews that will help you get information about the VITECOIN project vision and mission:

opening word

Over the most recent couple of years, we have countersigned excellent improvement of the ridesharing economy, with no indication of backing off. Made conceivable by the enormous development of cell phone adaption and web network over the world's developing markets, the ridesharing economy is foreseen to create eightfold by 2030 to $285 billion. In 2017 alone, more five billion rides were finished. The client base of ridesharing administrations is foreseen to create up to 500 million by 2021. All the while, the quantity of youngsters without vehicles keeps on creating.

This is a decentralized transport mechanism used by blockchain technology to explore the $ 1 million opportunities generated by the driving activity that has not yet been properly exploited; this could be possible through the networking of business contacts between drivers and passengers. First and foremost, drivers must register on the vitecoin platform to benefit from it. Drivers who work on this platform will also be in a better position, as the movement of their cars can be traced on the map. And they will not have to fear for their life and their wallet, because all the orders will be recorded The payment of the trip will be made by bank transfer,

There are basic requirements for a driver to complete in others to take advantage of the services attached to the vitecoin transportation company, and these services are analyzed as follows: Have a vehicle that is not no older than 4 years old - Vehicle with 5 seats or more - A local license checked by the team Quick - A required amount of driving experience (the exact number of years would depend on the cities and their regulations) - Own a modern smart phone.

First of all, the Vit team offers passengers to buy Vit tokens in cash or by credit card. In the future, because of its convenience, digital money will completely replace another currency and will be used to pay for transportation costs around the world.

VITE App, accessible on android and iOS, is a mobile phone application that encourages P2P (distributed) by associating travelers who need a car with drivers who have a car on the tap of a plug . Vite App uses zone sharing innovation and an understanding of calculations to coordinate travelers to the private accessible warehouse or taxi driver on the system, allowing runners to access advantageous individual exchange administrations and pleasant. In short, VITE provides the solution by allowing the best drivers on an island to drive you. We do not just care about your safety.

After the sale of the token, a percentage of the token will be distributed to all categories of people who have contributed to the success of the project;

Vite will be listed on the stock exchanges no later than December 24, 2018, once the ICO is completed.

One of a kind Business Model

We intend to make a win-win circumstance by dispersing esteem decently among riders, drivers and urban areas. First of its kind, our comprehensive, commonly gainful model will bring another change in perspective in the ridesharing economy and illuminate a considerable measure of the glaring issues that have emerged from hired soldier ridesharing administrations.

The Vite Platform (MVP)

Vite App, accessible on android and iOS, is a mobilephone application that encourages P2P (distributed) ridesharing by associating travelers who require a ride with drivers who have an auto at the tap of a catch. Vite App utilizes area sharing innovation and an arrangement of calculations to coordinate travelers to the storeroom accessible private or cab driver on the system, empowering riders to get to advantageous and agreeable individual exchange administrations. The beta variant has been effectively beta tried with select clients in Mauritius. Our revolutional inbuilt Vitecoin installment wallet will be available on both rider and driver applications before the dispatch in August.

Business Development and Marketing

After the ICO is finished, the administration will take off openly in Mauritius and crosswise over 14 noteworthy urban areas in Southern African with an aggregate populace surpassing 277 million individuals. Before propelling in another city, we will devote 33% of the year to drive social mindfulness about our dispatch and make drivers for enrollment programs. Drivers who join the administration in the good 'ol days will be entrusted with bringing different drivers for exceptional rebates and advantages. Southern Africa, our first market contains a portion of the Africa's greatest and most created urban communities. Southern Africa alone gets 40% of the mainland's yearly vacationer entries and there is dependably a monstrous requirement for taxis and on-request transportation. Vite will in the end extend crosswise over significant urban areas in standard Africa and Asia with a populace of 1 million and that's only the tip of the iceberg.




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