Xeonframe Networks uniquely solves for essential vulnerabilities in the ecommerce ecosystem


Xeonframe Networks uniquely solves for essential vulnerabilities in the ecommerce ecosystem, predominantly listening carefully on ecommerce innovations, compensation security, anonymity, decentralized payment gateway, payment restrictions and payment processing times by bringing a decentralized architecture and consensus security protocol to the ecommerce space.
As such,Xeonframe is able to establish an unchallengeable digital ledger for every user on its network using a decentralized structural design and smart contracts on condition that secure and fast payment gateway in a very large ecommerce ecosystem.Our architecture combines advanced on-chain and off-chain resources as well as ecommerce technological innovations like AR shopping,Machine learning X commerce,Voice Bot and photo shopping providing real time shopping experience.

Xeonframe is the world's first decentralized e-commerce ecosystem in Europe, where ecosystem users can exchange goods and services through the Decentalized application, using the Blockboy based cognitive trading platform, which will change the way people detect, buy, track, advertise and resell goods on the Internet.
Xeonframe Networks uniquely addresses the main vulnerabilities in the e-commerce ecosystem, in particular, focuses on:
Innovations in the field of e-commerce,
Secure payment security (allows secure transactions between customers, enterprises and manufacturers through Registries based on Block Blocks providing unique user identification and public key for each user subject to verification in the Xeonframe Network);
A decentralized payment gateway (different from most decentralized payment gateways, where transactions are confirmed in seconds),
Restrictions on payment and payment processing time, through the introduction of a decentralized architecture and a coordinated security protocol into the e-commerce space.
Some challenges in E-commerce:
Originally, the American UPC system was developed, carrying 12 digits for the encoding goods and it gained such popularity that European country focused on it. However, the whole range of codes was already involved in encoding goods of the USA and Canada while the goods and firms were officially registered in the USA. The developers of the European encoding EAN-13 faced a serious task – to adjust the codes and arrange a self registration for the USA system making sure that maximum compatibility with UPC encoding. This primary code was created for automatic trade goods produced by a big number of enterprises, so the problem of inner content was much important for regulation and standardization. In its turn, same goods by different manufacturers also had to have a different coding. They are as follows:
 digit for the prefix;
 digits for the manufacturer's code;
 Digits for the item of goods code.
Due to some data situation where some goods have same barcodes or items not uncommon
Finally, barcodes are often not entered in the ERP system of wholesale companies, and each participant in the sales chain uses his own unique articles for different types of goods.

About ICO:
Token: XFT on Ethereum platform
Quantity: 150,000,000 XFT
Price: 1 Xft = 0.3 USD
Payment: ETH
Soft cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard cap: 37,000 ETH
Quantity: 25,000,000 XFT
Beginning: 13.06.2018
Completion: 29.06.2018
Quantity: 30,000,000 XFT
Beginning: 30.06.2018
Completion: 19.07.2018
Distribution of funds collected:
Xeonframe Features:
Allows secure dealings among consumers, businesses and manufacturers through registries based on blocks given that exceptional user recognition and public key for each user to be verified on the network.
Xeonframe took in a fully decentralized recommendation program, under which each user will be able to claim their recommendation commissions for free and start accepting and giving out Xeon Tokens immediately.
Xeonframe offers an ultra-fast payment gateway, different from most decentralized payment gateways, where transactions are confirmed in seconds.

FOR Further Information Visit
Website: https://www.xeonframe.net/#ico
White-paper: https://www.xeonframe.net/assets/files/white-paper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeonframe
Facebook: https://facebook.com/xeonframe
Telegram: https://t.me/xeonframe

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