YLIFE is a company founded by a group of football fans and cryptocurrency. The majority of us
are one of the fans of football clubs on the European continent. Because of that love we
implement it through our unique and interesting ideas in YLIFE. Our goal in absolute terms is to
manage fairly in holding a healthy competition with our chain slogan "Supporters For YLife, YLife
For Supporters".

In accordance with our vision of being a Fair Management Fair Competition, our team will
continue to develop our management in a gradual and systematic manner in organizing healthy
competitions that are unique and easy for everyone to follow. And it is not impossible that we will
open a better plan for the future.
YLIFE tokens are committed to developing payment solutions for competition that is different from
other cyrptocurrency. This uses the ethereum blockchain protocol to achieve
transfer payments on the basis of peer to peer. Innovative technology, governance structures and
fair management provide YLIFE tokens with excellence more than other tokens. our team will
provide transparency for payment management, financial management, Code management and
competition operations and will maintain high standards honesty, ethical business conduct, and
compliance with laws, rules and regulations that apply to users.
Birth and the early stages of YLIFE have been strongly supported by the establishment members,
development team, competition experts, initial supporters. We would like to thank all those who
have made extraordinary contributions to development of YLIFE tokens.


YLIFE Foundation is committed to developing ylife with football supporters in the world, third
party services, developers and companies that together build a fair competition. The aim of the
YLIFE Foundation is to innovate football competition experiences in real life. The YLIFE
Foundation is a compatible ecosystem to develop, enhance and bridge all supporters in the world
in a united entity. In addition, YLIFE has planned to provide solutions to problems from regularly
competition operation.

Business Development:

The YLIFE Foundation will refer to fair management practices in operating regulated competitions
and choosing the right industry to implement YLIFE tokens in the business. In the future, YLIFE's
foundation will provide business partners with a solution to reduce transaction costs and get more
business development with a fair management.
Fair management Services
The YLIFE foundation will provide a transparency for fair management, and business practices,
and will maintain high standards of honesty, ethical business conduct and compliance with
applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

To further make the YLIFE a truly open source community, the YLIFE foundation will eventually
distribute 90% of the total YLIFE tokens to the All Supporters for business implementations,
competition implementations, marketing promotions and linkages between the real world and
blockchain world. The remaining 10% tokens will be allocated to the co-founder team, early
backers, consultants, and development team.

Ylife Supporters

Very simple, this applies to all people in the world to be able to join and participate in YLIFE COMPETITION and have the right to get all the bonuses and rewards on a large scale, you must have a YLF token and you are already part of the YLIFE SUPPORTERS family. Believe it, our team prioritizes the convenience of joining YLIFE supporters and providing an easy and enjoyable competition-taking experience.

Growth Ylife

Birth and the early stages of YLIFE have been strongly supported by the establishment members, development team, competition experts, initial supporters. We would like to thank all those who have made extraordinary contributions to development of YLIFE tokens.


With ethereum blockchain as a book for all transaction history, all transactions at YLIFE can be viewed transparently by all supporters. Believe it, transparency is the main factor for managing management fairly in building fair competition. you can look all transaction on etherscan YLF

Fast Distributions

Our team prioritizes two main things in the transaction for the happiness of all supporters. All distribution of tokens, will be distributed as soon as possible (less than 36 hours). Secure transaction, we believe ethereum blockchain has been highly tested for the security and privacy a users.

Fair Competitions
Our team will try to professionally in organizing a fair competition and confident this project will a long time. We always monitor schedule and result of the match that comes from the world's most trusted sports site. In providing a sense of comfort and happiness for every supporter.



The road map of YLIFE is a strategic plan that determines the purpose of this project or the the
desired outcome, and includes the main steps or milestone needed to achieve it.
This can give you an idea of the overall process, showing how our plans in the future, or identify
the moments of interaction between the user and YLife team. To archieve our shared goals, we
hope to all supporters to jointly develop YLife become better in the future.



• 60% of funds raised by ICO will be used to pay listing fee to official YLF / ETH in the
top exchange (IDEX, HOTBIT, HITBTC, MERCATOX or BIBOX) including for system
operations and price maintenance, and for the main Giveaway ETH prize for
supporters, etc.

• 25% is used for brand building and operation promotion of the Ylife Corporation,
including ongoing promotion and popularization of Ylife for competition and the
blockchain industry.

• 15% is used for reserves and emergency funds for YLife Corporation to deal with
various emergencies.


Website : https://www.ylifetoken.com
Telegram : https://t.me/YLIFEOFFICIAL
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YLIFEOFFICIAL
Medium : https://medium.com/@YLIFEOFFICIAL
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/@YLIFEOFFICIAL
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5036128
Etherscan : https://etherscan.io/token/0x97bc20fda3e38c1874db91283b4557bbcdebac46

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