Review ICO Betform!

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I will introduce you to the Betform project.

Now many people are trying to earn extra income in addition to basic earnings. I understand them very much. I personally tried a huge number of ways. After all, there are many options, for example, you can bet on sports, play cards, casinos, participate in lotteries and so on.

Fortunately, our world does not stand still, but moves forward. And quite a lot of different applications have already been released, where you can earn extra income, or just spend your free time in them and have fun.

But a good additional income is sometimes not so easy to get, because people who are seriously engaged in this experience some difficulties, for example, with withdrawing money to their e-wallet or bank card, high commissions, and sometimes transactions take a very long time if you constantly win then it becomes suspicious and your account may be blocked or deleted altogether, technical support does not respond to your requests and so on.

In general, there are a lot of problems in this area and the Betform project is going to solve them.

About the project

Betform is a new platform for online casinos based on blockchain technology. Betform is designed to support peer-to-peer games.

The main objective of this project is to create a decentralized platform for games in the casino industry using intelligent contracts. The developers want users to experience no problems with the withdrawal of funds, the platform will also work without intermediaries and the commission will be low, and their accounts can not be so easily blocked or deleted.

This campaign has no goal to get more profit from registered users. They want to attract as many users as possible so that the platform can develop well.

Since the platform is based on blockchain technology, this means that everything will be transparent and secure.

At the moment, you can already download the application in the App Store and Google Play.

Here you can watch a short video about the project:

About token

The token of this project is BFC. Absolutely all transactions on the platform will be carried out using BFC. You can already buy a token on the official website: and in the future it will be traded on the stock exchanges.

ICO Information

Token symbol - BFC

Price for 1 token - $ 0.10

Total number of tokens - 240 million BFC

The maximum amount of collection - $ 9,600,000

Start Pre-Sale - 01.11.2018

Start Open Sale - 08.01.2019

The process of collecting you can see in the picture below:


The Betform project team is small, but everyone has a lot of experience in areas like finance, software, game development, and so on. All biography about each team member is on the site.


I think this project has every chance to be successful! The idea, of course, is familiar to everyone, because many projects provide similar services, but the Betform project is significantly different from all of them. This project has already collected the minimum amount of the collection and it says a lot. I think the team will be able to achieve their goals and the project will have a great future!


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