Review of the project Better. Quick. Transparent. - SOCIAL P2P CRYPTO EXCHANGE AND HEDGE TRADING PLATFORM!

Good time to all, dear friends. Today, I present to your attention a project called Better. Quick. Transparent. In this article I will try to tell you as much as possible information about this project (or rather, about the essence of the project, the benefits, the details of the ICO and the team). I hope I will succeed.

Who knows for a long time what a cryptocurrency is and what it is, and what is connected with it, for example, wallets, exchanges, mining, transactions, blockchain and so on, they understand that this is not so simple. Experienced guys understand a lot in the crypto world, they just remember that trading on the market went through several stages: for example, from the first centralized exchanges, where there was almost no volume, to a large number of different exchanges, where the turnover of the leaders is more than 1 billion dollars a day. In general, the market is developing more and more every day, thereby attracting a huge number of people. Therefore, the number of trading platforms is also increasing. In addition, many exchanges are unsafe. And fraudsters invent new types of fraud to steal your coins and altcoins. Also, a large number of exchanges transaction speed passes, unfortunately very slowly. And today we’ll just talk about the exchange, which solves these serious problems and has fast transactions, low commissions and most importantly, it’s reliable and its name is Better. Quick. Transparent.

About the project

Better. Quick Transparent (BQT) - exchange of P2P cryptocurrencies and a platform to enter a hedging transaction.

The main task of BQT is to create a close-knit community of crypto traders who will use the platform, while helping the crypto community and at the same time getting good benefits from their help. Therefore, the BQT trading platform provides its participants with a reliable, interactive and flexible trading P2P environment with a simple and convenient interface where you can manage your own transactions without any help.

Thanks to the BQT platform, traders from all over our planet have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of transactions with various cryptoactive assets, as well as share their experiences, helping newcomers.

In order to increase the amount of sums of different cryptoactive assets, the developers of BQT implemented a hedging system.

Here you can watch a small video about the project:


1. BQT has an interesting advantage. A person makes a deal with another person and all this happens without any intermediaries. This advantage creates flexibility on a decentralized exchange.

2. The ability to increase the number of known and promising cryptoactive assets, both to recipients of collateral and suppliers of hedging offers

3. BQT uses blockchain technology, thanks to this, traders have a huge range of opportunities.

ICO Information

Token Symbol - BQTX

Price for 1 BQTX Token - 0.28 USD

Total number of tokens - 800,000,000 BQTX

Tokens for sale - 200,000,000 BQTX

At the moment, have already collected more than 12 million dollars.

BQTX tokens can be purchased on the official website -


The BQT project team is very large. Everyone behind him has extensive experience.


 Project Better. Quick. Transparent in my opinion, very promising. The idea is unique and interesting. The team is strong, hardworking and experienced. The project in a short time collected a decent amount, and it says a lot. I think that if the project team continues to work further, then the project will have to shoot well.

I hope I managed to convey the essence of this project.

Thank you all for your attention.


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