Many entrepreneurs, before launching any investment project in the field of blockchain technology. Faced with many challenges, mostly connected with the holding of the ICO and security, and this is their very disturbing. We will discuss the new investment project, look at its advantages, and see the advantages over other similar projects in this segment of the market. This project is called Loligo.
The Loligo platform offers a platform based on collective funding by voluntary contributions. This will return the lost trust of companies and individuals involved in investing in the Initial Coin Offering. Guaranteed its security and transparency, will eliminate fake projects. It may seem that this platform is identical to similar projects, and such a security system is found in almost every claimed new project. But there are a number of major and important differences.

The first is that Loligo releases its own tokens. But the most important difference is that the model of bitcoin functioning is taken as a base. That is, this coin, unlike other platforms that only use for internal calculation between users, can also be mined. Here, as in bitcoin limited the time of production, as well as made restrictions on the issue of tokens, the difficulty in extracting coins will increase. That will eliminate currency fluctuations due to its oversaturation in the market. This part of the aspect is not related to the fall of the whole market.
Second, the platform LOLIGO support the concept developed by Buterin, called DAO. Where at the forefront put investors who can cancel the smart contract having returned to itself the assets, and the company if it happens, remains without everything. The company LOLIGO has a strong side, and it can be interpreted as a "safety cushion", it is associated with a technical company which is the dominant holder of the authorized capital. This means that all problems with the software, and the elaboration of the blockchain contract, and all technical support issues, etc.will be resolved promptly.

In General, the problems of this direction of the market sounded more than once. But for those who for the first time faced this problem I will remind. That the cryptocurrency market is huge. Multibillion-dollar assets are spinning on it, but recently, due to the opening of fake projects, the trust in such projects has been, to put it mildly, severely undermined. There are exceptions when companies simply do not know how to issue tokens. Although all the money was collected. This characterizes their professionalism.
LOLIGO company will neutralize such projects at the base, thanks to its technical base and competent employees. Of course, block assessment of new ICO is also planned. But at the first stage, the selection takes over the platform itself.
Even when the platform will have its own blockchain technology, the basis is still taken from the Ethereum platform. Called token LLG.

For the purchase of the site, 16 million LLG was provided and the price ranges from the lower $ 0.75 to the upper $ 1.07 for 1 token.
Token sale is divided into 3 periods:
The first closed stage is from 1.09 to 10.10, the second public pre-sale will be held from 11.10 to 19.10. And the third overall with 20.10 on 25.11. And only in the first and second periods the token will cost $ 0.75. The lower level of fees was set at 950 thousand us dollars, and the upper at 12 million us dollars.
Remuneration for the work on the project will receive: 9 percent of the project team, consultants will receive 3 percent, for marketing services payment will be 15 percent, 3 percent will receive a bounty camping. And the remaining 70 percent sold out on ICO.
The project is very promising. If you manage to realize all that the company has set a goal. In the future, the company will succeed. And its investors will bring a decent profit.

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