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The developers have created a process of distribution of functions on the basis of the transport industry. It turned out to be an original solution based on innovative blockchain technologies and smart contracts. And called such a site Red Cab. The company of the same name has extensive experience in the field of transport. Over the years that the company works have been carried out comprehensive studies aimed at improving customer loyalty and, as the image, increase profits and create a positive company name.
A year ago, the Red Cab company has launched an application for mobile devices. In order to analyze and compare roadmaps, also get user feedback on working with the application. The transport industry has a huge resource.
The main target direction of the company is to make the process of distribution of functions more transparent and secure, and then, after the task to get access to the global market with reduced cost.

The RedCab LLC platform was created two years ago, for a peer-to-peer decentralized network, to understand the needs of the main users of the site, drivers.
You may ask, why choose RedCab? The company took the leading position in the transport market in the field of solving problems associated with the unjustified raising of tariffs, measured in monetary terms. For example, services in the field of transport affecting the passage of traffic congestion associated with increased loss of time, due to the pandemonium of mechanical means of movement, moving at a speed less than the average or not moving at all than the acceptable speed for this section of the roadway. And yet, the difficult movement of vehicles caused by bad weather. For all this, transport companies increase the tariff than infringe on the rights of customers. As they say "the customer is always right", they always choose a more customer-oriented company for cooperation that suits their needs and opportunities.

As you know, the main users of this platform are drivers. Those who are connected to the system can earn, very convenient flexible schedule helps to earn money in addition to the main job. Thanks to the Red Cab system, users can earn up to twenty percent plus. Earning on the management of the car in the right direction, at the right time, taking with him another user of the system, which pays for it. The user also gets the opportunity to save their finances, due to the fact that the payment for the service will be below the market.
The most interesting thing in the system is its features. The system supports different languages, allowing it to be used in different parts of the world. To ensure the safety of users, the ability to track the route of all stakeholders.
There is a very important function in the system called Carpooling. This is a feature that allows cars in front to share information about what is happening, cars following the same route, but at a later interval, time.
Which allows you to know previously all the nuances of the upcoming road. And save time on the trip.
And the fare, if there are several users interested in this route. Divided equally. By this reducing the cost of the trip.
Also for more affluent people, there are a number of conditions that will suit their needs. The Red Cab platform cooperates with more expensive car carriers, and hotels have been awarded five stars in terms of quality and level of service according to the international classification. Which will meet the high requirements of the user of the Red Cab system. When booking a planned trip, the client receives a driver who is in two steps. The driver and the client will be mutually beneficial this trip. And most importantly, it will save a significant amount of money.
To motivate drivers, the Red Cab platform has created an algorithm in which tokens are generated while the driver is on the move. And there is also an increase in tokens, by multiplying them by the percentage of fulfilled obligations to other users.
Ordinary users can also receive a reward from the system for attracting users to the platform. Remuneration will include every kilometer brought.


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