ACED New Innovative CASH Cryptocurrency in the new Age of Digital Finance

A blockchain is a growing list of records called linked blocks using cryptography. Each block contains the previous block cryptographic hash, a timestamp and transaction data. This is the largest open, distributed record that can efficiently record transactions between two parties that can be verified and fixed. To be used as a distributed large book, blockchain is usually managed by a peer to peer network collectively following a protocol for communication between nodes and validating new blocks.

Once noted, the block data provided cannot be changed retroactively without changes from all subsequent blocks that require consensus of the majority of networks. Although blockchain records cannot be changed, blockchain can be considered safe by design and examples of distributed computing systems with high Byzantine error tolerance, consensus decentralized has been claimed with blockchain.

The centralized blockchain technology is the best perfect balance, essentially blockchain level encryption ensures that your data is safe in the same way as decentralized blockchain by ensuring that transactions cannot be changed without canceling the entire chain. Except with a centralized blockchain platform, one data collection point exists can identify when immoral activities occur, the ability to do this meets the governing body and government relating to the issue of consensus that there is a central point for the dissemination of traceable data.

AceD bases its fundamentals in providing alternatives to existing centralized systems via blockchain. Unlike most cryptocurrency that only provide anonymity, AceD plans to develop Privacy Orientated Platform where possibilities are endless. And not to mention this implementation can be chosen through proposals with their Government model branching off Dash and Policy that allows each team member to continue to be self-funded.

AceD Cash is a new innovative cryptocurrency that emerged in this new era of digital finance. AceD Cash is the official currency of AceD Vault, an investment platform in the AceD coin ecosystem. Ace Vault & AceD Cash is tethered to AceD Coin. The only way to get AceD cash is at ICO or by exchanging AceD Coin through AceD Vault internal exchanges.

AceD Cash will generate daily and continuous returns on the investment package, making it a premium investment for future long-term benefits. AceD Team has successfully built their multi-purpose platform and can be trusted to deliver quality products. Ace Cash is different because it serves a unique purpose as a currency AceD Vault official, we are here to plan a long-term project.

AceD Vault is an investment platform supported by AceD Cash. Aced Cash can only be exchanged or bought and sold through AceD Vault with AceD Coins. AceD Vault will offer packages in return for fixed daily compounding paid on AceD Cash. The package package also offers fair distribution built for long-term sustainability. To spread the word about AceD Vault, AceD Vault also offers generous reference programs.

The program is looking for referrals from AceD Cash
AceD Cash offers a useful reference program with 3 levels: 3%, 1.5% and 0.5%. Each level is the distance from your original reference. So if you refer person A and person A refers person B and Person B refers to Person C, you receive 3% of one's original investment A, 1.5% of the original investment of person B and 0.5% of the investment of person C.

Coin Info
Coin Name: AceD Cash
Ticker or Symbol: ACH
Coin price: 1 ACH = 1 USD
ICO time: 09/21/2018 - 10/20/2018
Algorithm: 100% PoS
Premine: 15m
Maximum supply of coins: 250m
Block time: 1 minute
Prize Block: 50 ACH

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