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Hi all we meet again today i want to talk about E-Commerce.

E-Commerce is the abbreviation for electronic commerce. As we all know, if the word is 'electronic' or the abbreviation 'e' in front, it means that it is accessible online and uses technology and the internet. E-Commerce also refers to websites that sell a product, complete with online payment management and payment systems.



“ARAW token,” owned by ARAW UK Ltd, a new cryptocurrency, seeks to change the conventional method of rewarding consumers by offering greater value to customers in the form of a universal loyalty currency usable by the different E-commerce stores and/or retailers. For customers missing a variety of reward programs, cryptocurrency offers instantaneous exchange and redemption for several E-commerce stores on a single platform. Sale collected from different parts of the world at market. Buyers and sellers from different parts of the world as well come together in an environment that supports peer-topeer for transactions. Platform users can have access to the whole list of all offers available in the Araw market. With our help and Platform Araw, every shop owner free to execute a single sale or build platform e-commerce enterprise level. The flexibility offered by our e-commerce market giving users the freedom to choose what they want they do on the platform whether to buy or sell or engage in loyalty programs and get prizes

Why Blockchain?

By maintaining data integrity, Blockchain records all the transaction to ensure that all transactions are made on safe and transparent inside platform. In addition, as well as the cost to be lower, Blockchain technology will also reduce the number of intermediaries required to complete the transaction

Araw's built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, the goods exchange process with the ARAW token fast, secure, and adds confidence to the system. This will generate a secure escrow for two transacting parties. Through this method they are given a money-back guarantee for buyers if the product turns out to be below standard and for sellers, it ensures that funds for that product they place on the market safely transferred to them.


The ARAW platform is designed specifically to revolutionize the micropayment industry in meeting the needs of consumers, and also to make work more real.

🔷E-Commerce: The purpose of the ARAW token to be a part of spending every day every day without changing behavior their shopping. This can be achieved with an e-commerce website that is simple and easy to use that is transparent integrated with decentralized payments.
🔷Decentralized Payment: Between merchant, consumer, cryptocurrency exchange, and the Ethereum smart contract that manages token liquidity ARAW.

Araw is cutting-edge technologies that support the e-commerce & payment ecosystem including ‘Araw Pay for Online Payments’, ‘Open API Platform’, ‘Araw Touch & Pay Card’, ‘Unified Reward System’, ‘Peer-to-Peer Transfer’, ‘Araw Mobile Wallet’, and ‘Cryptocurrency Exchanges Integration’.

ARAW token ecosystem unique and provides a lot of value to everyone of our customers and members by decentralisation of rewards on blockchain makes the ARAW token ecosystem unique.

Offer advanced solutions to customers by using of blockchain technology, the future Internet.
🔷For merchants there is a blockchain based e-commerce
o Acquisition for new customers worldwide.
o Open platform to create enterprise e-commerce platform on blockchain
🔷For customers there is a prize cryptocurrency
o Can be swapped into fiat currency
o Can be redeemed for other purchases
o Never expire
o Value appreciation due to scarcity and increased adoption

Why should I have ARAW Token!!!!
ARAW is revolutionize e-commerce using cryptocurrency. There is a paradigm shift beginning to happen in how people view commerce, especially e-commerce and the ARAW token is getting ahead of this shift. The tech behind ARAW is fantastic, safe and secure.The E-Commerce industry is about to change and you can be part of the change. They have a good team of developers, marketers and advisors and if you think they have what it takes to make this into a reality then you can support the project by getting yourself some ARAW Token. That all for today hope you will enjoy

For detail about ICO click link below:Website:






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