, the data helper with Blockchain Technology is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Our product will democratize data, making it more readily available and less expensive than the current methods of data gathering and vetting. The result is that clients can access specific data sets in a cost-effective and transparent way, collecting exactly what they need without paying for extraneous data. We will merge our own proprietary data with many of the world’s largest databases ranging from government data, industry specific data, voting records, business to business data, property data, credit bureau data, etc. to create a comprehensive variety of data sets valuable to individuals and businesses looking to both attract and retain clients
There is no secret when the key to getting new customers and keeping your existing customers are owning important data that can help you reach potential customers with product and service trends. and help determine the needs of your current customers. With this 'critical data', any business can acquire new customers and ensure that their current customers have long-term loyalty to them.
This is where DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO appears. And without adding ads, find out why I think you should invest in DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO.

DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO OVERVIEW is a revolutionary data platform that suppresses the way companies and individuals collect advanced data. They aim to democratize
large data and feed the playfield by providing
the most comprehensive marketing data solution for all businesses and individuals. They will provide an accessible interface for businesses or individuals and data providers.

The backend system provides full confidence in the quality of data (for businesses and individuals) and monetary values ​​for data (for data providers).
The primary goal of is:
= To ensure that data providers can simply monetize their data by providing access to that data.

= To provide transparency and traceability to data providers using blockchain technology.
= To provide businesses and individuals with the quality of the verified data they require.
= To provide customers with a simple and easy-to-use interface with a fast / secure payment system (DBC token).
To build trust and confidence between end users and data sources.
How does Blockchain work?
Information companies are large companies that specialize in selling data to other corporations, such as market analysis, customer testing, and more. Data Blockchain is an ICO trying to break into the industry and change the way it works by using blockchain, as you might guess.

The additional transparency of the operation on the blockchain means that they basically change the way the data market operates. Along with this technology, Data Blockchain will also use AI to provide data from scratch, creating a much more efficient process.
What problem does it solve?
Data is too expensive: Because data companies refuse to cooperate with absolute suspicion, their information costs are greatly exaggerated, causing the company's resources to shrink. Data Blockchain hopes to provide their information for a much more reasonable price.
It is too hard to find relevant data: From finding suitable human information can be a bit of a slow process, using data from Blockchain AI is one of the creative practices of they.
DBCCoin is an ERC-20 token (with ERC-677 function) implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform will use solid written contracts for transactions, audits, and anonymous payments. DBCCoin will be used for transactions on the platform and returning data providers for their data.


The entire project path is clear and easy to understand and if it is followed, can be one of the leading data platforms in the industry.

The team includes competent data industry experts, seasoned leaders and engineers with extensive experience in the data and technology industry.

• Total number of cards is created: 870MM
• token type: ERC-20
• The total number of shares sold: 522MM (60%)
Sold separately: 100MM Tokens
• Pre-Sale (5 / 27-6 / 21)
Total number of shares Selling
Code : 164.58MM Ticker Price: $ 0.08 ($ 0.12 w / 50% bonus)
• Main Sale code (6 / 27-7 / 21)
Listing ID: in Ticker Sale: 257.42 MM
Price: $ 0.12
• Group / Advisor Allocation: 221.1MM (25.41%)
• Bounty Campaign: 10MM (1.15%)
• Air Drop / Marketing: 10MM (1.15%)
• Exchange / Reserve 106.9MM (12.29%)
• Minimum purchase for Sale before: 1 ETH
• Minimum purchase for Public: 0.1 ETH
• All Unsold cards will be burned
• Team members will have
12 month schedule with 25% quarterly release
• Caps: $ 10 million Hard Hat: $ 50 million

In general, DataBlockchain is ready for success, taking into account the above mentioned signs, which were discussed. The project solves the problem of the real world, while providing a reliable data ecosystem. In addition, its strong team and its underlying technologies make the DataBlockChain project one that has a recipe for success!

User data provides customer insight for the business. This is a leading strategy that businesses apply to increase their revenue. And there is a market for user data. DataBlockchain targets this market and offers a better overall solution than traditional models. This shows the potential of the project.
The platform is a combination of big data, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. These are the greatest technologies available today. The platform has succeeded in bringing partners direct access to customers across the globe, reducing costs and complexity
DataBlockChain has a competitive advantage due to the data assets of Media Direct - a leader in the digital data industry.


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