The sport of soccer is one of the fastest growing sports activities, with billions of euros that run daily according to current world statistics, due to the high level of enthusiasm that people derive from it. It has also improved the status of the big players, since they are paid weekly with the right fee as a match compensation for each game they play. Although we have more than 200 amateur football academies scattered across most countries of the world with a plethora of challenges in nurturing the inherent and potential abilities of these young people, (young footballers) and these challenges are; poverty, rural location, lack of sponsorship, proper guidance, exposure to world class soccer field, etc., It has affected their hopes for a better chance as future football stars. guess what? The NETSCOUTERS platform is an opportunity to see the above challenges with a corrective measure to highlight, expand and create an equal opportunity for everyone to become a football legend, lacking in their race, religion, continental location, etc.

Problems of amateur clubs

lack of funds: finances are referred to as the lifeblood of any organization, therefore no organization can survive or work effectively without funds to execute the daily activities of the organization and that is a major problem that limits most small football clubs around the world, as they are unable to maintain their stadium to allow viewers, the inability to pay their coaches, players and workers, therefore making the game uninteresting and full of discomfort.

lack of sponsorship: in low advertising of these clubs has often not intrigued the interest of investors due to the low economic viability or the value of the Club to gain publicity, this is as a result of the inability of these mushroom clubs to have a television station in subscribers of the tract or spectators.

social background: the social background of most skilled players has forced them to get in touch with these rich and high profiled agents or managers of these mega clubs and more discouraging; some of them die with their talents and without fulfilling their dreams.

We are mainly willing to build a decentralized, meritorious, transparent and unified platform to access, validate a player's ability to empower and contribute to the most commercialization of the soccer game.

By extension, it simply means an effort to collaborate with the public and private sectors or agencies on how to contribute collectively in making the soccer game more inclusive where both the rich, poor, white or black child can develop their innate potentials, contribute to the emotion enjoyed by skilled players, promotion of the status and economy of the clubs and leagues they play.
NETSCOUTERS objective cardinal

Netscouter is committed to providing effective services in promoting these premature clubs and bringing a fair playing field for players, agents and mega clubs in the quest for greener pastures (talented players to contribute to their generated revenue internally and win trophies) etc.


This platform operates with a decentralized digital machine that regulates the inflow and exit of communication processes on their daily liaison contracts (blocks) between amateur clubs and mega football clubs. He is more concerned with maintaining democratic principles giving every growing club the opportunity to seek international attention and in the same way grow their economy, since millions of dollars will be flowing into their account due to the quality of the players they have to give. to know,

The NETSCOUTER platform stands as a blessing for both the Amateur Club and the larger Club, due to the business opportunities they create for investors, agents, sponsors and users, by implication; It is a win / win agreement that the two can not do without each other because of the billions of euros business opportunities that benefit.

Advantages of the NETSCOUTER platform

improvement of the infrastructural construction of the Amateur Club to the attraction of international spectators

Give young players a favorable condition for outstanding among the stars in the international competition.

create an avenue for agents to access talented amateur players to their respective contracted clubs.

provide coverage of more extensive sports media in local leagues.

elimination of all unnecessary charges to promote your clubs.

eliminating the problem of the sponsorship of talented amateur soccer players in the streets.

Creating an investment opportunity for people who want to make millions through their sponsorship in the promotion of football business projects as a percentage of each success is distributed to their account during the part of their initial offering currency (ICO ) as an investor.

the transparent cost, low of the transaction, and the distribution of business well insured, devoid of third parties. etc.


NETSCOUTER has two token types as a reward for each participation in the platform that they are;

(a) security token: this is a percentage distributed to investors for investment in the platform and is mainly 20%.

(b) utility token: it is a currency used by the Nescouter platform in your market.


After accessing the mode of service provision of this Life platform football enhancement, ranging from their desire to promote the skills inherent in young footballers, improving the status of amateur clubs to attracting international viewers through the help they will develop its own video streaming platform through pay per view, provision of investment opportunities for investors through its ICO, etc. One can attest that the netscouter is a secure investment platform.


I want to recommend this platform to all the local clubs scattered around the world to take advantage of this opportunity and to use it maximum when registering in this decentralized link platform that operates with the use of a machine that filters the entry and exit of data or information with a goal more secure, transparent, profit-oriented and democratic to seek the egalitarian development of all categories of its customers around the world

I also want to recommend this platform to investors who are looking for a secure platform to invest in, for their rich, insured, profit-oriented business plan. because it has a percentage of fat for your investment during the distribution of your initial currency offer (ICO).

I also want to recommend this platform to young and prospective soccer stars who also want to develop their inherent potential by attracting bigger clubs in Europe, Asia and America and earning millions of dollars in foreign currencies. to take advantage of this opportunity and be registered to improve their status and contribute significantly to the lives of those who are looking up to see what they do great with their talent experience in football.

More importantly, it would not fail to bring sponsors' announcements on how to promote this platform because it soon became one of the largest link platforms in the world among amateur clubs and mega-dispersed clubs around Europe, Asia and America as; Real Madrid FC, Barcelona FC, Manchester United FC, Paris Saint German FC, inter Millan FC etc. and soon they will obtain international recognition, therefore the sponsors producers and services and will be televised in their television stations.

For I want to recommend NETSCOUTERS platform to agents and all football lovers, since you should see this as a broad opportunity in promoting this platform in order to promote the desired fun for the love of the game and to obtain equally benefits through of the reference link. Below is a profile of the CEO and his team members.

environmental factor: the geographical location of most countries in the world, is that; Some countries that are far from these big world clubs are often disadvantaged due to the inability to travel from these developing nations as Africa to Europe has imposed many difficulties to get in contact with agents and managers of these a gigantic soccer club.

For more information, please visit here:

Website: http://ico.netscouters.com/
Technical report: http://www.ico.netscouters.com/video/wp.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Netscouters
LinkedIn: https: / / www linkedin.com/company/netscouters-international
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetScouters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Netscouters-142077212624981/
Medium: https://medium.com/@netscoutersint
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/in

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