Ilink2Musik: Share and Connect Global Music Entertainment

Hello friend. If you are interested in joining the iLink2Music project, it's good to read reviews that will help you find information that you can use when viewing the vision and mission through the iLink2Music project:


How does it work?

iLink2Music will allow you to create user profiles that showcase your talents or expertise in the entertainment business, (artists, producers, professionals, technicians or fans) enrolling in contests, discovering & winning exclusive prizes. Each member will be able to network in the community to find what they are looking for globally, and perhaps allow their talents to be reviewed by entertainment influencers who are experienced in their fields; thus, transforming part of our platform into an exclusive global online community, based on the same principles as some mainstream music television shows with successful international growth.

Strategic Growth Plan

We will listen to our audience: What do they say? What kind of content do they consider interesting? What is the best content format used by our audience?

We will be involved; we will create content based on areas or topics of interest from the listening phase. Overall, the content we make must be relevant, helpful, interesting & rich in information.

We will measure communication by tracking "likes," "sharing," "re-tweeting," "clicking," etc., so that we can easily determine successes, failures, & areas of improvement, most importantly what type of content resonates with the audience we.

We will continue to study. Measuring results is useless unless we learn from them. The purpose of measurement is not only to understand what happened in the past, but to determine our future as well. We can then change our strategy & try to ask for more involvement.

Why us? The Facts

There are High Demand for Company Services
We Have a Strong Professional Management Team
We Have Solid & Aggressive Growth Plans
We Have a Unique Social Media Platform Supported by BlockChain


ELink Token

ELINK Tokens are digital tokens according to EOSIO published by iLink2Music and are
official platform tokens. This token will allow someone or organization
to secure access to the IL2Voting platform and its features to successfully operate
Celebrity / Influencer contests and secondary activities (Advertising, Events, sponsors
etc). IL2Voting provides functionality to run contests. This combines
Advanced capabilities are combined with a personal BlockChain framework with public sidechains
for additional verification, using anonymous voter and anonymous technology schemes
proof of mathematical proof, all activated by ELINK Tokens.



2% will be allocated to private sales with a vesting period of 12 months
40% of tokens will be released to the public.
15% will be allocated to project management, core developers and founders with a vesting period of 12 months.
7% will be allocated to our advisor with a 3-month vesting period.
3% will be distributed to our users during our gift and referral program.
The remaining 22.85% will be a reserve for business development, user growth, and future market expansion.
10.15% Bonus Token (The remaining tokens will be added to the backup.)


1ELINK = $ 0.005
Min amount = $ 50 USD
Maximum amount = $ 50 000 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, DLL, NEO, Qtum, TRX, ZEC, and Credit Cards via PayPal.

ILink2Music team

Sarkis A. Tsaoussian
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sarkis A. Tsaoussian is a dynamic, attractive and visionary leader with many achievements. He is an experienced senior executive and entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of senior management experience in a variety of different industries including restaurants, financial services, music and social media.

Hagop Ghazarian
Chief Operating Officer

Experienced Leaders and Entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of management, accounting, marketing and financing experience. Having proven ability to improve operations and reduce costs to make overall operations more profitable.

Challenging Rolando
Chief Convergence Officer

Mr. Rolando is a pioneer / consumer designer of co-creation for brand, social & political impact methodologies in user-controlled media.

Peter Bahlawanian
Director of Contest and Production

More than 25 years of producing experience, creators of the Armenian Music Awards and various international festivals. A branding and networking expert, Peter has worked with legends such as John Densmore of Doors, Stewart Copeland of Police and famous bands such as System of a Down and the Scorpions.

James A. Ruggiero
Vice President Fashion & Film Advisor / Senior Advisor

As a native of New York, Ruggiero is a respected and experienced Fashion and Beauty photographer. After a thirteen-year career with many achievements in law enforcement, his creative talent led him to photography, where he worked with some of the most prestigious photographers in the world.

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