Inbot Ambassador: The best block-project in the field of artificial intelligence

As promised in the first article of the Inbot Ambassador project review , in this article we will tell you what exactly its creators managed to become the best. As you could already guess, looking at the title of the article, Inbot Ambassador took the first place among the block-projects, using in their solutions the technology of artificial intelligence.

The project received its status last year within the Global Blockchain Competition from True Global Ventures (TGV). This award will be another proof of the reliability of the project and its potential, because, in addition to the "Best Block Project in the field of artificial intelligence," Inbot Ambassador also receives the highest marks from ICO-experts. This should affect the number of Crowdsdale InToken tokens and the amount of their investment.

The second article will deal with the technology of artificial intelligence and its role in Inbot Ambassador's solution. Recall that its essence is to reward some participants (Ambassadors) from other participants (Vendors) for their presentation to third parties (Companies), which in the future can become B2B customers of Vendors.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence
The use of artificial intelligence is exactly the Inbot Ambassador solution that its founders have been hatching since the project began, after all, it was originally aimed at applying AI. In the form in which we see the artificial intelligence People Graph (this is the name of the AI ​​from Inbot Ambassador) now, it appeared only in 2016.

At the same time, the development of People Graph developers took at least $ 3 million, donated by private investors. These funds were clearly spent not in vain, because artificial intelligence will become one of the most useful and convenient features of Inbot Ambassador.

People Graph uses a variety of user data and machine learning technology to provide Inbot Ambassador participants with a convenient tool that allows Vendors to find the most suitable Ambassadors that the AI ​​system selects on their own.

The main criterion for selection is the ability to most effectively represent the Vendor. Thanks to this, the companies will be able to rely exclusively on reliable, efficient and profitable representatives who will bring as many potential customers to them as possible, honestly receiving their reward for this - regular dividends.

Any artificial intelligence needs a lot of data, which it will rely on in the process of building algorithms of machine learning. People Graph will not be an exception to the rule, but at the same time, the creators of the platform take full responsibility and undertake not to distribute or sell personal data of users, taking care of their privacy.

Trust first and foremost
As we said in the first part of the project review, all processes in the Inbot Ambassador are built on complete trust. This is due not only to the desire of the creators of the platform to be honest and to conduct transparent activities, but also because trust has become the most effective tool for obtaining new B2B clients.

The most common ways to attract customers, especially with regards to B2B, are cold calls - calling potential customers with a proposal for cooperation, and spamming - sending out the same type of letters with the offer of cooperation on e-mail boxes.

Nevertheless, despite its popularity, cold calls and spam mails have become too inefficient. These tools repel and angry customers, so they are so reluctant to react to such treatment. Result on the person - sales practically do not grow.

The creators of Inbot Ambassador came to the conclusion that the most effective way to attract B2B customers is not cold calls, not spam emails and not even personal meetings, but personal representation of the company by the user whom the client trusts.

That is why the interaction between the Ambassadors and Vendors is built on a kind of referral system. Representatives lead to client companies and receive dividends in the form of InToken tokens for each transaction performed. At the same time, the amount of dividends is considered separately for presentation for the meeting (75% of the exchange rate) and separately for submission for the transaction (50%).

The project team
The team of the project has absorbed highly qualified specialists in various areas of human activity.

We finish the conversation about Inbot Ambassador in the next article, in which we will talk about all possible partnership programs on the platform and their features. In addition, we learn how to reward honest representatives and punish spammers engaged in ineffective promotion.

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