Overview of the CyberFM project

How often do you listen to the radio? No? And very useless. Though it is now on the planet and most people choose music only for themselves, but it has the right to live, because it is there that you can hear new hits and popular songs, so that you will always be aware of what is now in trend. And what if I'll tell you that the radio can speak not only music and some quizzes? For example, various ICO projects can be discussed on the radio. Just imagine, you will always know what projects appear on the blockade network that they represent and whether they should invest in them. I think I was interested in you. Especially since it is not just a fictional idea, but a real working station that is preparing for the launch of this kind of program. About it today and I want to talk to you. So, I present to you the CyberFM radio station:

+About CyberFM
CyberFM was founded on October 11, 2007. Initially, it was a radio station that allowed everyone to listen to music from any city or country. On the radio, programs like matchmaking, comedy, etc. also flash. In general, there is nothing remarkable about the radio station ... almost. Almost, because they plan to break into the world of blockade, having remade their radio for news from cryptomir. This project is moving steadily towards its goal. Due to the legislation of the country's institutions, the ICO of this project was not held, there was also no talk of fees. It is only known that later the platform will collect some donations from users, as well as from advertising projects.

CYBERFM Station will also have future programs that will discuss crypto currency and where this program will be able to advertise ICO, and they can use the CYFM token as a payment.

You can also download the application Shiny CyberFM Smartphone. Currently, it is still available in several international Apple stores. It works in many countries abroad, and is also available on Android. This is very good, because cross-platform provides more audience coverage.

CyberFM Radio has a number of advantages over other radios:
Each online broadcast will equally protect each artist. Regardless of the representation and membership of PRO!
Each online radio station will be fully compatible at the world level in a decentralized environment.
Distributed organization for the rights
CyberFM automatically treat new, independent and future artists as if they are now on the radio. CyberFM level the playing field for all online mediums!
Ensuring the permanent elimination of the "value gap", which is the greatest threat to the future sustainability of the music industry.

+What are the benefits of the CyberFM platform?
For a clearer understanding of all the benefits of this platform, I want to highlight some of CyberFM's basic privileges:
-No charge for listening:
You do not have to pay for listening to this radio station! It will be able to maximize its popularity and bring more of its listeners
This radio station boasts of various music, news or quizzes that will appeal to various types of listeners of the CyberFM radio station.
CyberFM has released its own application that is in the store of your device. Be it a smartphone on iOS or Android, you can always keep up to date with all the events.
-Radio station which violates the prohibition:
This radio station boasts Mainstream music, although it is forbidden. Thanks to this, the CyberFM radio station will attract new listeners and expand their audience accordingly
If you have internet, you can listen to this radio station in absolutely any place of the globe
-Sound quality:
CyberFM radios appreciate the sound quality and in no way worsen it so that they do not download their servers. With CyberFM, you'll only listen to the finest music of great quality.
-The radio station is already working:
Well, and one of the most important, the CyberFM radio station already works and has a wide range of listeners, which is increasing day by day.


Cyber-FM Radio is working with Mainstream for the Underground (MFTU) to add a new system in which everyone (listeners and artists) are rewarded with tokens for each song they listen to. Together, the project have created an open source online royalty payment model with information reviewed by co-workers around the world through a distributed ledger system. The Double Token ecosystem is named the CyberFM “CYFM” token and is named the “MFTU” token for “Mainstream For The Underground.”

The CYFM token represents a regulatory compliant cryptocurrency for artists that are currently registered locally in their home countries. It will be used for payment to government regulation agencies worldwide. This means is that the CYFM tokens will not be totally decentralized as it will have to conform to regulatory requirement in different countries. The MFTU token is similar to CYFM, but it is architecturally decentralized and as such represents the only truly internationally accepted, transparent, fair, legal and cryptographic performance rights royalty system for independent artists.

The MFTU Token represents a truly digital, fair, and cryptographic Criteria Performance Organization for Independent Artists. Protect their rights and payments throughout the world. MFTU token is a standards fulfilling organization for truly digital, fair and encrypted independent artists. Protect worldwide rights and payments!

Both utility tokens are ERC20 assets listed on the ETH blockchain that are used to create this universal payment system that allows royalties to be collected for all shows, at all times, across the country! MFTU and CYFM tokens will also be used initially to complete fiat payments for online radio membership, credit for in-app purchases and registration fees.


Thus, we are getting a very interesting project, which will broadcast directly on the radio about new interesting events from the world of crypto currency and blockbuster. For other developers, this is an opportunity to advertise themselves.

Most of the project is ready, some people even had the luck to check the application I mentioned above. In any case, it works just fine abroad. The ecosystem also looks pretty simple. Overall, I like this project.


Official links CyberFM:
WEBSITE https://www.cyber-fm.com
TELEGRAM https://t.me/mftudotnet
TWITTER https://twitter.com/cyber_fm
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/cyberfm
LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/company/cyber-fm
REDDIT https://reddit.com/r/cyberfm
DISCORD https://discordapp.com/invite/gXneMAr
ANN THREAD https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4511705
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