The REMCO Token Generating Platform API allows each authorized cash transmitter to modify custom tokens to move goods and exploit the perfection of high-speed records, while offering imaginative compensation to all trading partners.

Token REMCO Remittance associates shippers and money recipients as the way mobile phones interface two people.

The REMCO step provides a framework, pipelines, allowing foreign exchange organizations around to print and modify their own tokens on a progressive open source stage intended for speed, consistency and simplicity. Our portfolio

The present versatile application relies on the value card set aside as a settlement method, which is currently in effect and under the administrative supervision of two US states. This new approach brings simplicity, speed and understanding of the hyper-concentrated nature of the operator by improving the four essential components for specialists.

How it works?

With the REMCO step, we intend to combine innovation into functional responses for the foreign exchange industry, and with our wallet, we particularly favor the trade-out part. We have redesigned the procedures that customers and operators must follow and developed a prepaid card that can be sold as any gift card. At this point, the customer goes to a multipurpose site to configure and subsidize his portfolio. This site offers choices for a reasonable part of the assets and for different controls that are already unrealistic. Partly as a result of sending, we change the idea of ​​meeting with the operator for both the issuer and the specialist.


  1. Moderate speed
    Usual cash flow is moderate for cash issuers and their clients. The new approach to the blockchain is slower than many existing embedded frameworks.

  2. Surprising expense
    Many passages are still extremely expensive and the costs of small exchanges are idiotic. Digital money based on the blockchain requires payment of the shovel, is useless and can not be resized.

  3. Missing Commission
    Cash exchange process partners are gradually being disappointed by lower-paying professions, which translates into less cooperation and fewer buyers' decisions.

  4. Sections
    troublesome REMCO conquers this gap.

  5. Temperamental activity
    Specialized disappointment can paralyze all arrangements organized on a concentrated stage, until the moment when reason is recognized and modified. Features of Remco 1. Blockchain MULTICHAIN ​​REMCO uses a blockchain convention that does not require external prisoners of war or expenses. The result is unparalleled speed and reserve funds for customers.

  6. EFFICIENT AUTHORIZATION With more experience associated with advance payments and the conservation of funds, our stage capabilities!

  7. Snappy PAYMENT SPEED Never again sit tight for bouquet forms or other forms of installments


We separate the exchange procedure for specialists and even offer the possibility of additional commissions given the inclination of the sender.

  1. Human Consciousness MORE HUMAN EXPERIENCE The components of the scene will be smarter after a while. over a period of experience in the construction and implementation of milestones for settlements and down payments, coordinating them with the following banks, exchange banks and other executives and national banks. TOKENS By realizing both a technological step and an alternative to B2B, VTNGLOBAL is counting on the fact that the REMCO Token can have a transformational impact, both for its own organizations and for its accomplices.


Total Tokens for Sale 65%

Founding Team and Advisors 15%

Marketing 5%

Business Partners 5%

Reserve 10%


Operating expenses 15%
Marketing / Sales 25%
Research and development 40%
Legal and Compliance 10%

Reserves 10%

Private Pre and Public sales: (65% of the total supply)

• Founders, Management, and Advisors (15% of the total supply)

• Marketing (5% of the total supply)

• Business partners (5% of the total supply)

• Reserve (10% of the total supply)

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