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SPOKKZ Project Review
Entertainment according to Wikipedia can be described as a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience. Entertainment serves the purpose of giving pleasure and delight to the audience and this pleasure may be achieved from different sources in different ways.

The display media is one of the most common means of entertainment worldwide and it is also one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. This industry is not only large but also expanding at a very rapid rate with unlimited opportunities available for all the actors in the ecosystem.

The Blockchain technology, however, since its invention in 2008 has seen enormous growth in its usage and applications revolutionizing the way people from anywhere in the world transact and solve different problems they are posed with, in their daily lives. Through the development of smart contracts and the creation of cryptocurrencies for different decentralized platforms, the blockchain has already been used to revolutionize different industries and has endless possible future applications.

In this article, I will be introducing a decentralized platform that will revolutionize the world entertainment industry by using the blockchain to scale an existing platform to greater heights by democratizing the power currently enjoyed by the current media giants. The name of this platform is SPOKKZ.

Spokkz is a decentralized extension of the SPUUL company. Spuul is a premier pay television service provider which has been existing for a couple of years now, providing Asian media contents to millions of viewers in over 180 countries worldwide.

Spokkz is a blockchain based ecosystem that will provide people all over the world with exclusive and premium contents at low prices, and also promotes a sense of community by giving fans the ability to earn Spokkz tokens through engagement like honest reviews and this tokens can be used to pay for other premium contents, to shop online or simply converted to other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

The Spokkz platform is not just about incentivizing contents and rewarding audiences with monetary rewards, because as long as people seek to be entertained and willing to pay for that pleasure, the most important thing to them will be quality of the content they get. With Spokkz the audience is allowed to be involved in both some pre/post production processes by funding projects, acting as directors, critiques and more.

The Existing Problem
The highest satisfaction to their audience and also make profits. However, the middlemen in the entertainment industry who are the distributors are focused solely on making enormous profits which mostly is at the determent of the audience and the minnow content creators from the scriptwriters all the way to the producers.

The Innovative Solution
Spokkz is solving this problem by creating a platform in which all the actors of the ecosystem are rewarded appropriately for their efforts in the productions of their contents, be it TV shows, series etc.

The Spokkz decentralized platform will break this monopoly of power enjoyed by the middlemen and give equal power to all the shareholders in the ecosystem. Spokkz will go further to empower the minnow content creators by providing a crowdfunding platform where people can easily help in funding the production of their favorite shows.

Spokkz is able to create an ecosystem which will be decentralized, functional and sufficient by taking five strategic steps in providing the solution to the existing problems. These steps are;

  1. Content creators get private issuance of tokens

  2. The community is rewarded for their engagements

  3. The community are rewarded for viewing and sharing contents and advertisements

  4. The content distribution rewards are shared within the community participants

  5. A secure wallet for safekeeping of tokens

These strategic steps are explained in details in the projects official whitepaper.

The Shareholders Of The Spokkz Ecosystem

  • The Community

  • The Content Creator

  • The Star

  • The Advertisers

To learn more about the shareholders and the roles they play in making the Spokkz platform a success, kindly consult the project's official whitepaper.

Token Metrics
Token Symbol: SPOKKZ

ICO Price: $0.08

Fundraising Goal: $12 million

Soft cap - $5 million

Token supply: 1 billion SPOKKZ

Spokkz is able to use the existing user base of the spuul platform to speed up the Implementation and adoption of its platform as compared to other block projects that are just starting from scratch. This ecosystem will be able to bridge the gap between the big and small players in the entertainment ecosystem and empowering the community to make a positive difference in the entertainment industry.

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