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Hello everybody, in this time i would like to introduce you about a project that has solutions in the area directly related to crypto-currencies and their mining - mining. The project named Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) and lead by Gian-Carlo Collenberg as Founder and CEO.
Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a Swiss company that launched a project in which it proposes to use the territory of abandoned buildings in the Alps for the purpose of installing equipment for mining in order to make this process as profitable, minimally harmful to the environment and minimally costly in terms of payments for electricity.
Swiss Alps Energy AG itself has been operating in this field for many years and it is not only experts in the field of mining and blocking technology. It also includes engineers and experts in the field of spending energy resources. Such a composition is a guarantee of the competence of project creators who will be able to combine a crypto-currency and an environmental solution.
Swiss Alps Energy AG is the first company with Revolutiner solutions to save up to 50% of its energy costs using rock stones that are exclusively supported by renewable energy and the restoration of OPC from spent heat from mining equipment. This is a solution to the global problems facing the industry. The boiling point of water is much lower at higher altitudes, where the cube is positioned, making the energy recovery much more efficient. This makes mining much more profitable, protecting the Swiss cultural heritage and saving energy.
Cube SAE
Cubes Swiss Alps Energy is the product that will become the embodiment of the project solution, being environmentally friendly equipment for mining crypto-currency with built-in ORC system. Cubes can be installed on the territory of the Swiss Alps for the production of crypto-currencies with minimal costs and electricity consumption. Cubes will work autonomously, but they will be controlled from the control center, which will be able to set the most suitable parameters for it, for the most productive and efficient work.
The first model of this cube (Unit 1) will be 4х2х2 and cost about $ 200,000, and the second (Unit 2) - 8х2х2 at the price of $ 350,000. At the same time, the first cube is already in production and will produce about 20 BTC and 150 ETH per year. Let's count, what profit can one such cube bring to its owner.
Smart Mining
Smart mining, or samaiX ©, as the commercial name of the product released by Swiss Alps Energy under the project of the same name, will become an effective solution in the field of mining crypto-currency, based on the technology of machine learning artificial intelligence.
SamaiX is a tool from Swiss Alps Energy, which will independently calculate the most potentially profitable crypto-currencies, in which it is necessary to invest at a particular moment. Based on the choice of these coins, the platform will offer its users possible variants of crypto currency for mining so that the user can get the maximum profit from using equipment mining - SAE cubes.
The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token which can be utilized as a methods for installment inside the SAE mining and administration macrocosm and will be tradable outside the SAM stage on every single applicable trade. SAE endeavors to integrate to the computerized time and to strenghten the establishment of the eminent blockchain innovation. The organization likewise plans to propel the computerized change and convey it to shoppers and organizations kindred. SAE engenders and advances potential outcomes and arrangements in light of conveyed record innovation and endeavors to transform computerized monetary standards into a mundane component.

Itinerary and Timeline

October 2017 - Start working

February 2018 - Rent the first building

February 2018 - Establishment of. AG

February - March 2018 - Running the First Cube

May 2018 - Press conference

June 2018 - Start ICO

March - October 2018 - Development of SAM Mining Pool & SAM Platform

Early May 2018 - Private ICO Sales

July 2018 - I will be required to sign up

July 2018 - Start developing KYC / AML solutions

July-August 2018 - Clean a building further

September 2018 - Commissioning and Rental of First Cloud Mining Cube

End of 2018 - Purchase of the first power plant

The end of 2018 - sell cubes

Early 2019 - Power generation

January 2019 - The first launch of the SAM KYC solution

Tip 2019 - SAM node and blockchain solutions

February 2019 - Supplier of Blockchain PaaS

March 2019 - applications ecosystem for secondary

March 2019 - Use of power plant purchases

April 2019 - Increased sales of SAM Cubes & ORC Systems worldwide

July 2019 - DLT Energy supplier in.

Our team

Gian-Carlo Collenberg - Founder & CEO

Ramon Simon - Founder & CFO

Mike Rava - Founder & CMO

King of Yogarajah - Founder & CTO

Gnana Yogarajah - Founder & CTO

Christian Giger - Head of the Mining Cube of the Concentration

Pascale Uccella - Human Resources Manager

Santosh Kumar - Blockchain Developer

Navjeet Kumar - Developer Fullstack

Ankur Dharwal - Blockchain developer

Robert Crisis - Blockchain Developer

Goutham Krishna - Blockchain developer

Ajay Parmar - Front-end developer

Divy Trivedi - Supporter

Karan Ahuja - Blockchain developer

Sanjay Jaiswa - Back-end developer

Arnav Chaudhary - full stack developer with loT focus

Hinal Suthar - Fullstack Developer

Hitesh Trivedi - Developer Fullstack

Shital Prajapati - Developer Fullstack

Sonal Parekh - Designer

Himanshu Phogat - Back-end Developer


Swiss Alps Energy AG delivers the digital part of conversion and sustainability in the Swiss Alps.

Swiss Alps Energy AG GER and Platform After Many Application-Oriented Future Reduced Financial Assets Transfer And, Product Blockchain Tracking Genome IOT and In Transport Logistics, Electronic Health and Health Care, Identity Management FOR AND TO ENGINE THE PROCESS KYC Industries for All As Just Maybe Applied Applicability on How to use technology distributed the book. Things I'm Into You Think Should Now Be Big Potential Project I This, SA AttR Integrates TO WASTE WITH THIS TOWARD REVOLUTION. To participate in ICO and other information, please follow the following link: KRAV.








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