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Dear friends, I would like to present you an overview of ICO, which I consider one of the most promising now. First, there is a ready-made product that will have even more options when it goes to the blockbuster. Secondly, the company's services are used by several tens of millions of people and their number is growing. In the third, a reliable team that has a lot of experience in this industry.
Spuul is one of the leading companies in Asia providing television services, pay-TV, up-to-date content. The number of users is steadily growing and now has more than 60 million, and more than 4 million paid subscribers. More than half a year ago, the company acquired the right to pay TV in New Zealand and Australia. Now the company operates in more than 180 countries. In his arsenal, Spuul has more than 1,000 films and 5000 episodes in the TV show. Content is available for iOS, Android and TV.

The company Spuul, represents its offspring - the SPOKKZ platform. SPOKKZ works using ERC20 blocking technology, which gives significant advantages. The viewer becomes part of the community of like-minded people, where you can discuss films, series, promote content, you can even act as a sponsor of the film or series. Depending on the amount of donated funds, the user will have different privileges, up to personal acquaintance with the main characters. SPOKKZ combines and brings to a new level the relationship between the viewer, the manufacturer and the content creators. This trust is possible, including, thanks to cooperation with ONTOLOGY.
The platform does not limit the user's choice of content and the period of use of the subscription. The viewer can choose a subscription period for a year, a month or even a day, which is very convenient. Services are paid by SPOKKZ tokens, and if you do not have these tokens, the company will buy it for you on the exchange and provide a service for you.

You can buy tokens in several ways:

  • on the ICO (as long as it goes)
  • on the exchange
  • You can pay for fiat; the company will buy it for you and send it to your wallet
  • view advertising
  • leave a comment, a review, go to the movie and get a few tokens
  • help in promoting content

SPOKKZ tokens can be used for:

  • purchase of television broadcasting, watching movies, serials
  • for payment and sale on e-commerce platforms
  • act as a content sponsor, paying tokens
  • for the purchase and sale of goods
  • accept as sponsorship and exchange for another crypto currency or fiat money (filmmakers)
    At the moment, the company conducts ICO, during which it is possible to purchase tokens. There is a system of discounts depending on the period and amount of purchase. The company plans to raise $ 12 million, which will be used to develop the community, create actual content, expand and develop the business. Part of the funds will go to finance the first film (up to 2 million), to create a show from scratch and support for earlier projects.
    Conclusion: Spuul has earned high trust from users and partners. Every day the company expands its borders and influence. The company Spuul goes to blockchain, and so to a new level. Spuul expects this year to increase the number of users to 75mln, and registered purses to 80mln. SPOKKZ will unite like-minded people and fans of quality content, create a unique ecosystem in which the actor, the creator of the film will know his viewer and can conduct a dialogue with him. SPOKKZ has big goals and ambitions, the company believes that soon it will make a tangible competition to world studios and providers, and there is every reason to do so.

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