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In the last few decades, we have made a step forward in the development of science, in particular: IT technology, molecular genetics. In 1990, began a large-scale project - the «Human Genome Project», which was, to determine the sequence of genes in the human body, which in turn would help in the fight against human diseases. By 2003, this project was completed. It was assumed that the decoding of the human genome would give a better understanding of the structure of the human body. However, there are still many unresolved problems and questions. The genome of any organism is unique (even in identical twins), so the definition of the sequence of the human genome should be complex in nature, i.e. multiple sequencing of each gene. Only with an integrated approach can you cure incurable, now, diseases, invent new effective drugs and prevent disease.

I would like to pay attention to concepts such as:

Genomics is a section of molecular genetics devoted to the study of the genome of living organisms.
Genome - a complex of hereditary material.
Sequencing - DNA sequence determination.


Now there is a lot of research on molecular genetics, but these studies are scattered and not as large as required. Before blockchain appeared, complete protection of personal data was not possible.

Shivom combines genomics and blockchain technology; it gives a great advantage and opportunities in the study of molecular genetics. Shivom will enable a complementary approach, by studying and creating a database of each gene, through multiple sequencing. The data of each patient will be under reliable protection, due to blockchain technology. This technology provides the most open and safe way of transferring data from the donor to the organization that uses this data. Patients have full rights to their data and can receive remuneration through the transfer of data to various organizations. Patients, in turn, will have the opportunity to improve their quality of life, well-being and lifestyle.

In the near future, the cost of sequencing will be only $ 100, which will ensure the availability of research around the world.

What are the advantages of people who will undergo sequencing:

Best treatment options
Prevention of health, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient
Risk assessment of the disease
Facilitating the diagnosis
Definition and selection of medicines
Prognosis of the development of diseases

Shivom will have information about the genomes of patients, and can help pharmaceutical companies in the development of effective medicines, can cooperate with insurance companies, promote the development of biotechnology.

As payment, on the platform will be used OmiX Token. Tokens can be purchased during the ICO or on stock exchanges. In total during, the ICO will be sold 990 million tokens OmiX.

Distribution of proceeds from sale to ICO: 2% directed to research in India; 5% - on legal support (legal services, etc.); 6% will be used for the development and support of the platform, 10% for research; 11% - allocated to the team and employees; 20% - to improve the platform, to maintain new functions; 21% for promotion; 25% - to create a network of laboratories around the world.


Conclusion: Shivom is a platform that will help make a big step in the development of molecular genetics, in particular genomics. The platform will unite knowledge about the genomes of people from different parts of the earth, which will help in combating incurable diseases, creating effective medicines, preventing and maintaining people's health. Shivom will ensure the security of personal data. Thanks to the technology blockchain - this will become a reality. Do not miss your chance, today is the story. Each of us can contribute to the development of genomics by buying tokens or participating in the sequencing.

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