Infleum - The main technical features of the platform

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Today we will continue with you to consider the project called Infleum and take a closer look at some of the technical characteristics of the platform and say a few words about the company ELSOLCOM.

It should be recalled that the Infleum is a decentralized platform for the promotion of any brand. This platform through the blockchain technology unites advertisers who need promotion and other users who receive a reward for their work in ifum tokens to their personal wallet. The whole process is completely transparent and safe, as the link between the customer and the contractor advertising acts guarantor service (Escrow). In case of non-fulfillment of the order by the contractor, the funds are returned back to the customer advertising. For the customer, this will have a negative impact, because the platform uses the mechanism of consensus Proof of Influence - Proof, which recommends the advertiser experienced and responsible performers when creating an order.


  • Combined INFLEUM wallet

For maximum convenience and to achieve a high level of functionality on the INFLEUM platform, all users will have their personal combined wallet, which will be provided to everyone automatically immediately after registration. This wallet acts as a user ID and a means to manage finances. The wallet uses the Infinity Code identification system to track the dynamics and check all user activity.

Infinity Code is a code that stores all data about each user and smart contracts. This code is constantly updated when the transaction is added to the smart contract, then registers are registered on the user's wallet and decentralized application. All nodes in the INFLEUM ecosystem are connected through this code. Also, the nodes are periodically validated, in consequence of which this process makes it possible to perform the same transaction at one time. Anyone can add an additional identity certificate to their Infinity code to protect their apps or wallet.

  • Guarantor-Escrow

When an advertiser creates a smart contract to fulfill an advertising order, he / she will need to pay a certain amount to the guarantor account in ifum tokens. This is done for a single purpose - to prevent money losses. The customer makes a deposit to the guarantor's account, which is frozen until the conditions of the smart contract are met. The guarantor's account for this reason can not be hacked and no one has the right to cancel the smart contract, even if the customer wants it.

What the process looks like:

  1. The customer creates and signs a smart contract, then the Deposit account is sent to the guarantor.
  2. After the full replenishment of the Deposit account, users can see this order and proceed with the execution.
  3. To participate in this order, the executors need to sign a contract in the guarantor account.
  4. As soon as the order is executed, the funds from the frozen conditional Deposit are transferred to the executors.
  5. If the order is not fulfilled or the users cheat, all funds are transferred back to the customer.
  6. The whole process is completely transparent and available to all users for review.

  • Infinity Network

Infleum Platform has the opportunity to interact with other decentralised applications in other networks. This is due to the Infinity code, which allows you to create a separate network for these tasks. During the interaction of different platforms, the external participant must add the Infinity code to his network. This will really help the Influm platform to develop and expand. Data on the interaction of users of different platforms are collected and analyzed for the fair distribution of funds. It is also necessary to evaluate the contribution of each user and its results, therefore, on the basis of the Infinity network, different service scenarios are established and protocols are used to work together with other blockchains.

  • Proof of Influence (POI)

This Protocol is used to measure the impact of each user on the Infleum platform. When the contractor executes the advertiser's order, the smart contract evaluates the contribution of each user before the final distribution of funds from the guarantor account, through this mechanism of Proof of Influence. Infinity code acts in this case as a link in this process.

Decentralized applications, DAPPS

REDITO is an application that helps to launch an advertising campaign effectively.
REDITAIL - applications to assist start-up projects.
SOCU is a credit card storage service for e-Commerce.
CHANNELJOY - application that uses various kinds of content.
REDINK - helping companies grow as a mentor.
RETTEB - assistant for reasonable use of funds.
REDINERO - crowdfunding app for the adjustment of social relations.
REDICHECK - applications for testing products by users.


Company website

This company is a publishing organization for the promotion of young projects and the disclosure of their potential, using its own developed marketing strategy. ELSOL is focused on creating a cost-effective environment for the user, which uses innovative solutions to all current problems. At the moment, the company has only 2 goals - to increase sales in the direction of "Health and beauty" to $ 100 million by 2020 and become a member of the Unicorn Club by 2022.

ELSOLCOM is a wide range of marketing services on the Internet which helps in promoting the product or service available on all platforms, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
The company mainly specializes in various consumer goods and services. At the moment, ELSOLCOM has a huge track record of completed marketing companies in different areas of commercial activity.
Thanks to the accumulated experience that contributes to the achievement of success in platform development INFLEUM.


Infleum Platform has great potential in order to become leaders in the direction of advancement of brands and the Internet. Having such a strong and experienced company as
ELSOL, this will have a big impact on successful fees. Definitely worth paying attention to this project, because such technology is the future.

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