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Hello to all subscribers! Today I will tell you about a successful Cloudbric project. Let's get started!

The rapid development of Internet technologies in recent decades has led to the fact that it has become available in almost all corners of our vast planet. Almost every PC or smartphone today has constant access to the global network. It is worth noting that the Internet has brought great benefits to global society, as it was able to bring many processes to a new level. Now many companies conduct their business online, which means the flow of information of varying importance, it is transmitted through the global network. In recent years, there has been a real rise of the cryptocurrency sector, and more and more people began to use digital assets as financial instruments and investments.

But with all the advantages of the global network, it has one critical drawback – cyber vulnerability. Today, hackers can gain access to your personal data, including financial data, the loss of which can bring irreparable damage. The cryptocurrency boom has opened new markets to hackers and already now many experts note that it is quite vulnerable and this is evidenced by multi-million losses, both exchanges and investment funds. Therefore, cybersecurity is currently a priority goal for most companies when transmitting data over communication protocols. Existing cybersecurity solutions cannot fully protect user data and require significant changes in favor of greater efficiency.


Cloudbric is an innovative project that offers high-quality solutions in the field of cybersecurity. The solutions are achieved through a decentralized Al-based security platform. The whole package of revolutionary functions of the platform will be provided in a single ecosystem which is completely decentralized in comparison with competitors. Now in this area it will be possible to exchange information between users about potential cyber threats, while improving the system. In the process, users will receive a reward in the form of CLB tokens.

Cloudbric will bring together the core solutions required for users based on the following components:

  • Protection on third-party servers;
  • Protection of personal devices;
  • Ability to secure your cryptocurrency assets;
  • Innovative service Cloudbric Labs. On one platform users will have access to the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity;
  • Cloudbric Security. Provides users with the opportunity to participate in the improvement of the software by supplying information in new emerging threats, in return for receiving a reward in CLB tokens. This is a completely new approach that opens up feedback between users and developers, allowing them to develop in a completely new unified ecosystem;
  • Cloudbric uses AI-solutions in its development, which gives huge advantages over competitors.

CLB tokens can be used in the future when buying software, and will contribute to good discounts. Tokens also provide access to premium features of the software. The interest in the ICO of the company is primarily due to the fact that Cloudbric already has a good base of potential customers, as well as serious partners.

The overall conclusion of the project Cloudbric
For me there is no doubt about the success of this company. The solutions of the Cloudbric project are really surprising even with the current competition in the market. This product is more than in demand in the market certainly looks attractive for both short-term and long-term investments. I believe that the developers of the Cloudbric project will achieve all the promised goals in the near future. With all the subtleties of the Cloudbric project, you can find by clicking on the links below. Thank you for your attention!

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Author: Michael Page.

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