SPOKKZ intends to create a crowd funding platform that will allow Spuul’s ever growing user base to select and fund streaming content projects. SPOKKZ’s funding platform can be used to partially or fully fund upcoming movies, TV shows and/or enable Spuul to license key content such as sports for its community.

Today Spuul funds the content and then ‘sells’ subscriptions to its users so that they can watch content.

• Once Spuul implements the SPOKKZ blockchain, Spuul’s community can directly select and fund specific Movie projects through a new wallet feature that will be enabled for all users.
• The benefit of this method of funding is that Spuul may procure exclusive streaming content for the subscriber base without having to pay for this upfront from the company’s operating cash flows. This is an extremely capital efficient model, and it allows Spuul to grow and scale its business very quickly.
• As an illustration, when the community funds a specific project, Spuul also participates by giving SPOKKZ tokens to the content producer in exchange for a percentage of the Movie or TV Show. This stake in the Movie or TV Show allows Spuul to receive revenues in the form of royalties over the life time of the Movie or TV Show. Over time, this enables Spuul to build a catalogue of Content and Intellectual Property which could increase its asset base substantially.
• In another strategic initiative, Spuul also intends to use the SPOKKZ tokens to incentivise its user community to contribute reviews, comments, subtitling, etc., with the objective of creating a social platform for people interested in movies, fashion, songs and movie stars.
As Spuul brings in more Projects to the ecosystem, Spuul will become the centre for creative people to launch content and communicate with their customers and fan bases.With SPOKKZ specify your content
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The reasoning behind Spokkz

The reason the team manifested Spokkz among the public because too many large studios have self-service agenda, besides their intermediaries, are too impose their content on the viewers and bill the viewers with a fairly high cost. For this reason, the team invites us to a much better step. let's move together to fight the status quo. the current situation has been aggravated by the existence of a transactional Transaction Platform and this does not involve or discourage society.

With Spokkz we can determine what content works and at what price, we will gain access to a decentralized ecosystem and market. here (Spokkz) we viewers have their own dignity, such as crowdfunding and helping promote movies & TV shows. We as a viewing community will join producers, creators, distributors, stars, and advertisers as equals stakeholders.

Spokkz by Spuul

Spuul is Spuul is an over-the-top (OTT) service provider launched in 2012, now Spuul has had users reaching more than 60 million people scattered across 180 countries, all of them a huge library of Asian content.

Spuul has turned Asian entertainment into a breath of fresh air for everyone to eat. With SPOKKZ, everyone and viewers will be an important part of this great and influential community.

How to Change the Status Quo

The Solution & Benefits to Token Holders

Spuul currently has the confidence in their ability to improve the current content streaming ecosystem that has suffered considerable damage. Spuul has the ability to do this, with their many followers they can be able to treat ecosystems, viewers, and creators fairly in reward. For those viewers who have an interest, they can pay for premium content they want. The Spuul team is keen to take advantage of this platform to compete with the world's largest Studio. the first step that they will do is to build a star community, producers, and viewers to create a much better cycle. Spuul will not rely on viewer bases alone but spuul will also leverage existing star ecosystems, content producers, publishers, telecommunications networks, and e-commerce providers aimed at encouraging usage, increasing needs and adoption

token SPOKKZ.

Examples of Token Economics

the first thing that layers of ecosystem spokkz are the creation of tokens and the participation of 60 million users and customers present in Spuul. spuul users now have their own wallets but spuul will add functionality to allow users to subscribe to the Light Wallet or allow them to add their Ethereum wallet address to their Spuul wallet. Once this is done then all Spokkz token users can work with communities and vice-versa Spuul. For more visit this page


Token alocation model

Spuul will have an income ranging from 1 billion Spokkz a minimum of $ 5 million increase. Target hard cap $ 19.68 million. the following I include a table Token which will be allocated.

Token Allocated For

Percentage Allocated

No of Tokens

Running Economy



Public Sale









Legal and Marketing








Token sale and Bonuses

Like all interested readers to join immediately get a token and get his bonus. token sales will be done in several stages, and each stage has a different bonus.

the following details.

Start and End Dates

28 Jun - 15 July

16 - 29 July

30 July - 12 Aug

13 Aug - 26 Aug

27 Aug - 9 Sep





















Spokkz Token model and Team setup


Draft Whitepaper 60 million user


Roadshow and community out reach



75 Milion User


1st batch Movies funded

80 Milion token Wallets Enable and live


2nd batch Movies funded

100 million user

Tokenized loyalty Program

Migration to zilliqo main net

The main advantages of Spokkz platform are the following:
Convenient decentralized exchange based on blockchain technologies with a guaranteed copy of the data for each user
Functional, maximally simple and profitable transactions
Minimum costs in comparison with other methods of payment for services - minimal or no commission at all within the system
Remittances regulated by smart contracts
Reliable, integrated personal wallet for each user, where the funds are stored and from which payment is made. The peer-to-peer system does not require any document or account for cash transactions.

Cryptocurrency is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to make payments at the moment, as well as a profitable way of investing. Together with the blockchain technology, it has huge capabilities, which Spokkz system demonstrates - instant, safe transactions at any time and in any place. An employer is able to quickly find a freelancer within the system, get a high-quality service and pay it with Spokkz tokens.
More Information Visit Link:
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