Evaluate the Cryptov8 Project as perceived

Dear readers, I welcome you. I've been going to write a review for you about this project, but not how I could not get together. What immediately liked the project, so it's his advertising company. The guys came very creative, to the design of the company. And so, today I will tell you about the main advantages of this project, its prospects and as usual we will consider the basic information about ICO. And so we went, today I present to you a project called Cryptov8. This project is a decentralized platform. Which is traditionally developed primarily for the gap between crypto Bank and traditional banking products and services familiar to us, through the blockchain technology.

Tell you why we should invest in the project, there have been many such projects, and I will answer your question. To do this, consider the advantages and main advantages of this project. And so Cryptov8 will collaborate with relevant it organizations to expand the range of encryption and blocking services they offer to their customers.

Decentralized platform Cryptov8 https://www.cryptov8.com/ to unite all related to cryptocurrency services on a single platform. This is a unique opportunity to quickly and safely access the required services using the functionality of this platform. The platform will have a cryptocurrency wallet, where users will be able to track the status of their account, work with assets. Users with a Fiat currency will be able to purchase the required number of tokens, and can also analyze their wealth accumulated through savings or investments in cryptocurrencies. The banking platform integrates cryptocurrency exchange, which allows users to trade, buy or sell their tokens based on their own decisions or situation in the existing market.

In addition, Cryptov8 will decentralize money transfers that are currently under the control of existing banks. It will offer customers access to the cryptocurrency market in a way that is easy, cheap or even free. This will improve customer participation in the cryptocurrency market , cryptov8 tokens will be used as a payment instrument, or as a reward for certain actions within the platform.Users can get recommendations on how they can enter the cryptocurrency market from the educational materials offered by the banking platform. Cryptov8 offers a unique opportunity-the project's clients will be able to use the experience of traders to create their own success strategy. Now they do not have to deal with the problems of centralized banks, the lack of information on working with cryptocurrency - everything you need can be found inside The cryptov8 platform

And now I want to introduce you to the ICO of the Project
Time ICO: July 28, 2018 September 28, 2018
White/KYC: White + ZSK
Country: United Kingdom
Token information
Ticker: CRV8
Platform: Ethereum Token Type: ERC20 presale Price :
1 CRV8 = 0.0002089 ETH
The price of ICO: 1 CRV8 = 0.0002646 ETH
Soft cover: 15,625 ETH
Hard cover: 156,250 ETH

It's time to draw conclusions about the project. And the first thing that I answered for myself is the target direction of the project at the moment the market is extremely unregulated, which makes it very risky for investors and ordinary people. In turn , the goal is that Cryptov8 aims to combine the banking sector with crypto-currency technologies in the regulation of the traditional banking segment and the existing cryptographic market. The rules will protect customers from the uncertainties and risks that exist in the cryptocurrency market today. As mentioned - existing traditional banks can not provide high-quality, transparent and safe work with currency for their customers. Intermediaries in the form of banks receive too high a fee for their services, which is also quite an important problem.The project itself has a high potential. There is a significant interest among investors in this project. Although the hardcap is big enough, but I think the team will collect it

More info about projekt in:
Website: https://www.cryptov8.com/
WhitePaper: https://goo.gl/CG9kYz
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptov8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptov8
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cryptov8

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