Social network of the future. Foresting review ICO

Ladies and Gentlemen. From the depths of the blockchain technology will soon be a unique project. A project that will revolutionize and change social networks forever. With you, Blockchain Ninja and I'll tell you what kind of project it is and how it will affect social networks. The ICO project is called Foresting.

Social networks have become an integral part of the lives of millions of people on the planet. People use them every day and several at a time. Social networks have become the engine of advertising and business. They have many talented people a start in life. They let me know something new and opened the opportunity to communicate freely around the world.

The date of the foundation of the first social network 2004 and it became all known Facebook. But after 10 years before the world appeared the first blockchain technology, which completely changed the familiar world. And now I am ready to introduce a new social network that will change the familiar world.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Foresting social network of the future.

About Foresting.

Foresting is a new decentralized social network based on the blockchain. Well, we saw a lot of social networks and what is remarkable about this project? Lord Foresting decided to unite the familiar social network with the opportunity to earn. You will say we are already earning. No, this is another sign that he knows us well. Foresting iced out the social network with the possibilities of such projects as "Steemit" and "Golos". I knew that you would like it. Foresting will be used as a social network by millions, shared photos and earned, recorded video and earned.

Foresting solves the problem of data monetization, creates a new era of social networks. In which everyone can participate. And make money on your Khobi. Also, you can simply communicate and enter the everyday way of life and all exactly you will be in the black.

Content creators.

Ladies and gentlemen, I advise you to follow this project. I think you will gladly leave Facebook and Vk. And you will get a page in Foresting. Create selfies, share videos, talk and earn on this. This may be your first step to declare yourself to the world and not die of hunger.

For media business.

For those who have been engaged in the development of profiles for a long time in the social network, the creation of advertising companies this network will open up opportunities to make good money. Perhaps even Youtube will lose pivot relevance with the release of Foresting

The advantage over the blog platforms Steemit and Golos

The social network Foresting is going to win the market not only from Facebook. The global coverage of the social network will allow millions to earn well. And this means our usual platforms Steemit and Golos will yield in terms of content platform. In contrast, your photo will be seen by millions and will be able to appreciate it. And this means that the project will become the number one in the social industry as early as 2019. The wait is not long.

The work of developers Forestin

The project developers are trying to take into account the mistakes of previous generations and make Foresting the best social platform. It will be available on all devices, say, unlike Steemit. The design will be comfortable and ergonomic. Will support all existing formats. It also gives the convenience of using Foresting in everyday life.

Foresting Lab

Also on the project, you can find support in creating projects. If your project is quality Foresting can help you. Let's say you shoot a smart video, and the camera you do not really. Foresting Lab can invest in you and provide the necessary equipment. This was not yet in one social network.

ICO Details




Total Issuance24billion PTON
Token namePTON
Pre-initial PTON Token Sale1ETH = 49,999.5 PTON
Initial PTON Token Sale1ETH = 33,333 PTON

My opinion about the project.

The project is gorgeous and I will closely monitor its development. Blockchain Ninja will join the project immediately after its release. I advise everyone to follow the news. These are the future ones.

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