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This is Blockchain Ninja and today I will tell you about an interesting project. As you already understood, the project uses Blockchain technology. The project now leads the ICO company, so you can easily join it. The names of the WPP Energy project. And as you understand from the title of the project is related to energy.

Energy is of great importance in our time. After all, oil and gas resources are not without boundary. WPP Energy is one of those companies that are trying to change the energy standards and use more green energy. Taking care of the environment, they are developing new projects for the creation of renewable energy.

About WPP Energy

WPP Energy - this time the company creates a global energy platform based on blockchain technology. The so-called WPP Global Green Energy Blockchain Platform. Using advanced technologies, WPP Energy is trying to unite the network of suppliers of renewable energy and consumers. Smart contracts here act as a contract between the producer of renewable energy and the consumer. This platform can also perform both private and public contracts. The WPP Global Green Energy Blockchain Platform will sell more than 20 types of renewable energy.

The reputation system will also be added to the platform system to save the consumer from substandard suppliers of raw materials. The main currency for signing contracts on the platform will be the WPP token. The platform will also be equipped with its own exchange office which will allow you to quickly and without effort buy and sell WPP. The system will also use the Erc-20 standard

WPP Global Green Energy Platform is a platform that promotes increased renewable energy production, contributes to lower energy prices and improves the overall environmental situation in the world.

Benefits of WPP Global Green Energy Platform

  • convenience in concluding contracts for the supplied energy
  • creation of a global energy market. Including the creation of the first world market for renewable energy.
  • helps to increase the production of renewable energy.
  • Promotes research in the renewable energy sector
  • contributes to the improvement of the overall environmental situation.
  • increases the number of investments in the energy sector
  • helps reduce energy prices

Green Energy WPP

WPP Energy also has its own research and projects in the field of renewable energy. The company strives to use the most advanced technologies that are only available today. I will cite the example of several WPP Energy projectors for renewable energy.

For example, such a mobile truck for the collection and disposal of domestic waste. It is able to collect up to 36 tons of waste and recycle them into clean energy. And on the WPP Global Green Energy Platform, you can sell the recycled waste as clean energy. A very promising project that improves both the ecological situation and allows producing energy.

The project is under development, according to WPP Energy, the mobile power station will operate on water and will produce 1 MW, 2.5 and 5.8 MW. The project has many destinations. This is a solution to the problems of housing, military, and also the crypto-currency complex. Information about the project can be found here 1. WPP Energy mobile 2 For home home

You can watch this video to get more information.

Details of the ICO project.

Project roadmap




Pre ICO Sale Price:$0.20


Friends as you see the project is very good and it involves serious problems. Will contribute to the improvement and development of the energy industry as a whole. The company's own research is smart and can be a solution for small states as an alternative energy production. Creates a unified energy market.

All references to the project are here.
Web https://wppenergy.io//
Telegram https://t.me/WPPEnergy
Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4518298.0

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