I’m my previous blogs, I have introduced you to envion. As well as kept you up to date on all the important details you need to know. Envion is a company working to revolutionize the way we mine crypto currency. Their idea is amazing, it is a moving crates that is tricked out with 48 S9 Antminer, the best miners you can currently buy. These Mobile Mining Units have the ability to be stationed anywhere in the world at a low cost. In case you did not know, mining crypto currency takes up a lot of energy, which in some cases cost more on energy than profits made. That is why the MMU was created. 


Envion ICO update 2018

40,155,648.59 USD raised in the first two weeks!

As envion turns the page on a new year we want to thank you all for your support and share with you some of the reasons we are more excited than ever about 2018. 

The envion team will be drinking a toast to the $40 million we have already raised during the 2017 half of the ICO as well as the 9-figure Third-Party Operations deals still on the table. If you don’t have already, INVEST NOW!

Envion starts Referral Program

We’re also giving our supporters something to celebrate with a 5% bonus referral program starting today and going until the end of the ICO. Sign up here and tell your friends to start their year off with an investment in envion and we’ll reward you with tokens worth 5% of any investment made with your referral. As U.S. / German / Austrian citizen, you can start earning EVN tokens through our referral program without a problem or being an accredited investor, as this would not be considered as an investment.

KYC Update

The KYC verification process is ongoing and over 2000 people have already had their documents verified. If you are still waiting, don’t worry, manual review of documents starts today for IDs that weren’t machine readable. While you’re thinking about envion, make sure you have uploaded all your KYC and accreditation documents so we can finalize your investment asap.

Token Distribution Reminder

EVN tokens have been distributed ONLY to investors who paid with ETH. BTC and credit card purchasers can relax — all tokens will be distributed by the end of the ICO.

Production Update

A major development is on the horizon for the construction of our MMUs. Envion is in discussion with a global multinational civil engineering firm who has offered to provide construction services. Working with the 200-year old company with 80 branches around the world would allow envion to produce over 200 MMUs at the same time! It would also be possible to distribute production so that construction occurred closer to the points of installation, reducing transport time and costs and increasing profits.As we look down on Berlin from our new offices on the 25th floor of Germany’s newest high-rise building, we’d like to thank you again for helping us finish off 2017 with a bang. We wish you a joyous and prosperous 2018 and look forward to growing our team, investor community, and network of Mobile Mining Units together.

Career Opportunities

The envion team is expanding to meet the needs of producing and deploying MMUs across the globe. Visit our jobs page and see if you would be right for the team.

Envion provides public participation in exponential and exceptional revenue growth. Their innovative tokens make way for exponential revenue growth in favor of token holders. Their reinvestment structure is as good as any for announcing their own ICO. All they ask in return is mere investments. You stand a chance to be an early contributor in this revolutionary concept and token. This hardware backed token guarantees exponentially growing dividend payout.The round one for purchasing EVN tokens starts by 15th of December. The subsequent rounds commence on 17th, 21st and 28th of December. The price will be Starting at round 1 at 0.7USD, the price per token take increments of 10 cents each round. You can purchase EVN tokens by paying with BTC, ETH and credit card. There will be a total of 150 million tokens issued.

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