Envion: Global and Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining Infrastructure


Will Envion be the Centralized Mining Killer?

The trouble with traditional mining today is that the profitability highly depends on the energy source and cost of electricity. This has caused much of the mining to become concentrated in large “Mining farms” located in areas that have cheap electricity but has also allowed large corporations to essentialy centralize the cryptocurrency mining process. While at the same time, traditional mining is requiring more and more consumption of energy where the environmental impacts of such a design is beginning to become a major issue. 


Envion has a vision to become the leader in Next generation cryptocurrency mining

By providing mining availability across the globe and through utilizing green energy sources, Envion will introduce cutting edge technology to increase mining profitability while introducing more climate friendly and decentralized options to the blockchains.Envion has developed a highly advanced and flexible Mobile Mining Unit (MMU) that can receive power directly from the source anywhere on the planet it is available.

The business objective is to utilize Over-Capacity power supplies from power stations, which is not able to be stored and thus wasted electricity, which can be received directly at the source for massive discounts and then turning in into valuable mining revenue and secondary income streams.
 This disruptive technology will not only provide an advantage to the Envion mining operation over the current competition, but will ultimately contribute to decentralized networks through global mining.Refer to the comprehensive Whitepaper for a greater understanding of the Envion 

Vision:https://www.envion.org/en/whitepaper/The following video gives a basic understanding of the Mobile Mining Units 


Envion Public ICO Live
  • ICO Start Date: December 15, 2017 , 12 PM GMT
  • ICO End Date: January 14, 2018 , 12 PM GMT

Pre-Ico has raised roughly $15 million at current levels
 Total Supply is 150,000,000 EVNSee Website for Details: https://www.envion.org/en/

Investor Information:
  • No minimum investment
  • Restrictions for US, German, and Chinese investors
  • BTC, ETH, Visa & MasterCard accepted


  • Between 15.12–16.12 — price is $0.70
  • Between 17.12–21.12 — price is $0.80
  • Between 24.12–31.12 — price is $0.90
  • Between 1.1–14.1 — Final Price of $1.00

Final day for ICO is Jan. 14https://www.envion.org/en/

Reasons to Invest into the Envion ICO

 The token is fully backed by a mobile mining infrastructure capable of providing the highest return on cryptocurrency mining investments through harnessing the cheapest energy available.Envion is an ERC-20 token that grants the token owner the rights to 3 main business catagories

  • 100% earnings from the proprietary mining operation
  • 35% earnings from 3rd party operations
  • Voting and Veto rights regarding company strategy and decisions

This is a huge opportunity to own a piece of a mining operation providing consistent revenue in an ever changing market.The company has proprietary equipment and software with a top quality development team ready to create a successful enterprise and revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining scene.

For more information visit the links below

Websites: https://envion.org/en/ico/

Whitepaper: https://www.envion.org/en/whitepaper/

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2348435

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/envion.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Envion_org

Medium: https://medium.com/@envion 

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