Are you an investor in the mining industry or an environment loving person? then you will be definitely interested in Envion ICO. Envion is all about decentralizing the mining industry and returning the power of mining back to the ordinary man. Imagine a mining industry that utilises green energy like solar energy and wind energy without polluting the environment. Imagine maximising your mining investment by investing in a tokenized company that uses the cheapest source of clean energy and returning back 100% of all mining profits to the token holders for life!

Many problems affect the digital world and more specifically, our community, the crypto community. We have security issues, transaction issues, convenience of usage issues and many other issues but one major problem is the energy issue.This comprises the energy used by mainly the mining companies to run their activities. Very huge mining technologies utilize outstanding amount of electricity which might to an extent for some minutes reach some households daily energy consumption. The second point to consider is the energy consumed by IT systems. 

Computers with high functioning and other technological equipment used in the digital world contributes to high energy consumption.In a nutshell, these two major methods of energy consumption contributes to the high energy consumption rate with cryptocurrency alone taking the greater part of the percentage. Energy consumption has increased exponentially and will continue to be as the demand increases each time. But one good aspect of this matter is that, a very good company has discovered that the problem is mainly not from power generation but with the grid of distribution. Let’s look at how this company will help the digital world.Introducing ENVION 

 ENVION is a company that wants to brings technological advancements taking into consideration awesome innovations and interventions to help sustain the cryptoworld in terms of energy consumption. It’s mission is to bring system innovation that is imperative in order for cryptocurrencies to gain mass adoption. They believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependency on regulations from single governments, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy. 

So with this, crypto won’t be pooled at one area but mining operations (energy consumption activities) can be done anywhere and hence the grid problem talked about here is tackled. Hope you get the picture?ENVION will solve this problem by designing highly mobile low-maintenance mining units and by offering its community the right to vote for mining locations and for coin choices. Hence, people will not make tremendous investment in hardware and technology before they can be active participants in crypto-mining. So in a nutshell shell, ENVION will decentralize crypto-mining and you as a community member if you join will determine the locations of the mining units because this is the invention of mobile mining. As such mining will have a very reduced dependency on regulations from single governments, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy. 

The approach to be used by ENVION will basically be 
1. The decentralized Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) that will manage a variety of electricity sources and are able to adapt to different climate zones.
2. Our Central Hub or Unified Mining Cloud(UMC) that manages the automated, decentralized operation of mobile mining units worldwide. 
3. Our global Smart Energy Sourcing (SES) which identifies and secures locations with low energy prices
Synergizing the above mentioned categories will help ENVION in the achievement of the vision of the project. It will help in the utilization of proper renewable energy sources. You can read more about how these operations will be conducted here

ENVION token sales will open on December 15, 2017 where investors can buy some tokens to become participants of this great project. Thousands of people have already joined the community and still counting. So I will urge you to be part of this great project so that we can all help to take care of the main challenge of blockchain that ENVION seeks to address. This is the future of cloud mining. Operations have already been tested and you can verify from our various social media and blog platforms. Investing in this won’t be a waste of your money. 

Visit to get your bonus as early as possible immediately sales open. 

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