ICO BANKEX - Proof-of-Asset protocol (PoA) is a standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts creating Decentralized capital markets.

BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol (PoA) is a standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts creating Decentralized capital markets

 BANKEX is building a new blockchain technology that enables the creation  of Smart Assets to develop a new generation of decentralized capital  markets. The project will generate the foundation for the Internet of  Assets (IoA) a online platform based that allows users to tokenize real  assets. It works on the principles of Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) by using  the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  technologies to track asset valuation and condition. These technologies  are able to create and assess highly liquid Smart Assets, which can be  bought and sold worldwide.  Proof-of-Asset protocol is open for 3rd party fintech providers and the  blockchain community. 


 BANKEX gathered a strong team of scientists, developers, product  managers who have won hackathons and developed innovative products on  blockchain Here are some of the products developed by BANKEX tech team  

Plasma Protocol Implementation

IoT blockchain Integration Adapter     

Solidity Floating Point Library

Crypto Hedge Trading

BestRate Chatbot

Multicurrency TokenSale Engine  

Microsoft Azure Smart Asset Adapter

BKX Utility Token

Proof-of-Asset Tokenization

 Classic Exchange Auctions of Deposits

 Mortgage Bond Contract PoC

Architecture of Tokenization

BANKEX Cryptex — Professional Cryptoсurrency Trading and Execution

Blockchain Solution

Startups bent on finding that solution have put a lot of faith in  blockchain-powered platforms to valuation problems inherent in certain  financial assets. One of the key aspects underpinning this faith is the  decentralization core to blockchain technology. By dispersing the power  and control of a network to totality of the network’s participants,  blockchain ensures that one party can't fudge the numbers to suit his or  her needs. This dispersion of authority could allow for independent  valuation of financial assets based upon consensus, turning the current  equity market ecosystem of brokers, analysts and managers on its head. One such blockchain startup seeking to invert the financial worls is BANKEX,  whose blockchain platform aims to allow a wide variety of assets to be  tokenized — real estate, hedge funds, even works of art. By turning  these entities into tokenized products, BANKEX can create a  decentralized global market whereby these more illiquid assets are  bought and sold at will. The platform also implements Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial  Intelligence (AI) technology to provide real-time updates on asset  condition and valuation. Through BANKEX, both institutional and  individual investors can access legitimate valuations on assets that in  the past have caused financial turmoil. The FinTech startup, with its  Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol governing transactions on the blockchain,  has already achieved its targeted soft cap of $25 million on the first  day of its token sale 

 Our BANKEX (BKX) tokens are standard ECR-20 tokens

This means in order to store BKX tokens, you need an Ethereum wallet that is ERC-20 compliant.Wallets that do not support this standard can not be used to receive BKX tokens. This will lead to the inevitable loss of funds!The  instructions of e-wallets will tell you whether they support ERC-20  tokens or not. In addition, you can check whether your wallet supports  ERC-20 tokens by trying to add a new token. 


Token Sale Information 

The purpose of the Registration  is to give BANKEX supporters and followers a secure access to the  public sale and to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to participate.  The BANKEX  Token Sale will be capped at 400,000,000 BKX. BANKEX previously  collected $20,000,000 USD in presale. The Token Sale will sell BKX  tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 500 BKX, with 80,000,000 BKX available in  the public crowdsale, and 140,000,000 BKX held for institutional  investors. The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH. BKX Tokens are compliant  with US regulations.  

Funding Structure

Token Allocation

 Planned use of proceeds
BANKEX Foundation ProjectsBANKEX  Foundation is developing 3 key directions: the organization’s  technological core, R&D and blockchain technology education program.

1. Smart Asset Core

The  primary task that all others orbit is the creation of the technology  upon which the Bankex Liquidity Protocol will be built. (Smart Asset  Core).This  will be an open source project that forms the very core, the  development of which is the focus of all our leading programmers.Eventually  BANKEX Lab is going to begin integration of our services in commercial  organizations, working directly with our partners: banks and large  financial organizations.

2. R&D

Another one of our tasks is R&D:We  are working with cutting edge technologies, and our projects sometimes  require the invention of new algorithms. For instance, during the  Hackathon in Canada our team lead by Alexander Vlasov realized the first  working prototype for Plasma, which deserved mention by the originator  of the idea, Vitalik Buterin.Earlier,  last Summer, he acknowledged and awarded our team, which earned the  prize of the largest Russian blockchain hackathon in Kazan for our  fintech solution for mortgage loans.The  transparency of this project helps establish trust from people to the  activities of BANKEX and gives us the chance to draw experienced  programmers from all over the world in order to create a powerful  unified protocol for creation of crypto-assets.The  Foundation’s foremost task shall be the creation of a product of  outstanding quality. One that can be sold by the Labs in order to earn  money.

3. Blockchain technology education program

Tasks:● Writing educational articles to introduce people to blockchain technology and programming with Solidity● Creating educational courses supported by BANKEXArticles and the Blockchain technology educational program.Based on reports, the demand for blockchain specialists has increased more than tenfold over the past year.There are not enough specialists in the market.This industry is reminiscent of the mobile development industry from 5–7 years ago.

Social impact

An  important part of the Foundation’s work is related to social  impact — creating the kind of technology that anyone could use. Both  banks capable of affording technical support, and those enthusiasts who  can simply take our code for use in their projects. 

Bankex core team members include

 · Igor Khmel, the founder of the fintech lab at Sberbank. 

· Denis Khoruzhiy, a technical director and an expert in machine learning and natural language processing · Nauris Dauksta, the founder, and CEO at Token.Coach 

· Matt Armstrong, Proof of Asset ambassador, the co-founder of multiple blockchain startups in London. · Dmitry Finkelstein, an investment analyst, and director of BASIS CAPITAL. The Tech Team members include · Sergey Korolev, the pioneer of commercial software development in Eastern Europe 

· Ivan Tretyakov, the Fin-tech expert, project manager and investment advisor at FINAM and Alfa. Bankex Foundation will greatly encourage many people to become  financially independent. Tokens are expected to be sold during a  conference to be held soon. Over one million tokens will be made  available to the individuals who make early purchases and sure rewards  are guaranteed.    


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