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Enlte: Fight costs the purpose!

Have you already managed to present as after a visit of new entertainment center you hurry to tell about him on Enlte to the neighbors and to advise them obligatory there to descend?

It's cool! But not only good responses waits from you for community. Sometimes various organizations others need and to abuse and complain of them. It is unpleasant to do it of course but it is necessary especially if business concerns the public and municipal authorities. Business has a competition which presses on it and forces it becomes better. On state institutions there is only one lever of pressure – civil society which can be created in the best way by means of the Enlte platform.

Necessary arms

Think what would stop you from that to give the chance to people to vote in network for the fact that some organization works incorrectly? Personally we see one most important reason – such voices can be "wound". For example someone behaved in an undue way and because of it protection of hotel has transferred it to police with all further consequences. Of course there are people who will draw the correct conclusions but who has also those all will be guilty.

To discredit people who just performed the work caring for the others such brawler can go to any foulness – if only to expose everything so he the victim and the police officer or the security guard behaved out of the legal framework. He can create a set of accounts with which he will begin to litter comments under a subject of the next police station or restaurant at which he was detained.

But Enlte won't allow the users to be engaged in a similar arbitrariness. Instead of making a simple form of registration, they will create system according to which, one person can have only one account. Surveying others a blockchain projects we already saw that this process can be simple and effective at the same time the decentralized platform is able to afford high-quality ensuring this process much easier than any their the centralized decisions.

This confirmation by means of biometric these ID documents like the passport or the driving license will be possible or both – we learn very soon when the platform is started. But the most important that this aspect will be provided – complaints only from real people at which only one account.

The second is an unwillingness to be distinguished. For example someone can suffer from prosecution from the state/non-state organizations because of the political views, actions or other sort of recusancy which doesn't break moral standard but puts the person in semi-marginal position.

Present that news about corruption in regional court would disperse on the city in an instant and the others could confirm this fact. Moreover each of those who approves this fact concerning the person who possesses the power can't be identified or we pursue. Under such impact of civil society corruption will just disappear as shameful act about which precisely all learn around.

Such concept is offered by Enlte: on the one hand the platform and participants know that is told by the specific person and on the other side of his personality it is hidden under all boards which the technology can provide a blockchain.

Rating again in the help!

As we also spoke in the first part of our review on the platform the rating system which will let know whether the responsible user speaks with you will be presented or one of those brawlers about which we already spoke.

But on Enlte he has one more important role which directly concerns a subject of the previous section. We will does still not know how exactly it is realized in practice but it is very probable that at anonymization of the account his rating will remain visible for all who reads the message. That is even if you don't see who that writes on Enlte you will be able to be convinced that someone whose word deserves attention! Users give an assessment each other such as in voprosny service on mail.ru the truth she is deprived of all advantages of a blockchain.

On it we finish our conversation on Enlte. We hope that this "lever" by means of which it is possible to make a revolution consciousness of people who live many years shoulder to shoulder soon will earn on full. Then those who was stood nearby it will be possible to call safely brothers on weapon in fight for the better future!


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