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Today work on the Internet is very popular. People even more often aim the business at the Internet structure. It is excellent option as is favorable and convenient. There is an opportunity to conduct him far off being in any corner of the world. Thus the BitStash platform is a place where you can develop the business to find reliable suppliers and to spend the Cryptocurrency. It is the project which gives you such chance to work directly without leaving the house.  

Let's sort as the platform will work:

For a start you need to create the account and a purse on BitStash. Everything it is quite just necessary to click the link "My Account". After that you will need to fill up the purse with BitStash which is used for purchase of products. The platform has provided the safe system of conditional deposition which will provide delivery of objects or if necessary return of means.

With BitStash it is easy to make purchase. Just visit shop and find products which are pleasant to you or you want to get. Users have an opportunity to sort goods by the supplier to a brand to the price and many other options. Of course it is strongly recommended to make purchases from "Verified Vendors" these sellers have been considered by team of the project and are true and reliable suppliers.

Having received your product to you it is offered to leave a comment about your purchase and goods. The market is based on reviews of the entrusted associates. Besides if there are any problems with the order the project the policy of return and the safe system of conditional deposition to provide full return of means is provided.

 Possibilities of use of BitStash Marketplace:

Easy registration. Ease in work with the platform is provided to you: any loadings necessary to start use of BitStash. You can create in the convenient way the account and begin to buy or sell!

Advanced search. Use an intuitive search engine on BitStash.

To earn and spend crypto. With BitStash you can easily earn and spend cryptocurrencies from the purse in the section "My Account".

Safe transactions and disputes. Each transaction is located in Secure Escrow System where it will be stored up to recognition her complete.

Variable products. Different colors and also the different prices and the sizes which can be chosen are available to each product using the Variations function.

Stockpile management. Establish quantity of an available product to be convinced that you don't resell products or haven't exhausted an available stock.

Shipment options. As the seller you establish places of delivery of the price and options of delivery, including return policy.

Management of orders. It is easy to operate all your orders for BitStash and also to receive detailed analytical materials and reports on available products.

Details of carrying out ICO

STASH identifiers are BitStash basis. A token of STASH act as means of payment which will allow members and owners of STASH to buy objects of daily demand and products directly with BitStash. The payment for sale and currency exchange will also be carried out in STASH tokens including in addition purchase of advertizing and similar options.

Name of a token: BitStash

Token symbol: STASH

General release of tokens: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Standard of a token: ERC20

Preliminary sale in June, 2018

The main sale has begun in July, 2018

Token cost: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH

Unfortunately, bonuses aren't provided.

Distribution of tokens:






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