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Music is one of the very important part of our lives. In the today's world of depression, music provides a serene escape to us relaxing our souls and minds. Due to its impeccability in our lives Music industry is one of the very fast growing sectors of the globe. It started in the first half of the 20th century with the commencement of music recording technology.

With the upcoming technologies, music has become accessible to all as opposed to the scenario a century ago when it was an expensive luxury to avail. But in the age of digitalisation, the music industry is still facing challenges which are needed to be sorted in order to make things better.In the earlier times, the music industry used to produce a recorded copy of the music performance to be sold in the market. This led to the risks faced by the publishers. The current laws are quite complicated in their approach based on “legacy” and over the years they have turned into a complete mess with the authors and performers at the lowest level. The people who make the music, who are responsible for the existence of such soulful songs aren't getting their share of profit. They often complain about the “lack of transparency”. This often lowers their confidence.


The problem of unfair distribution of profit faced by the people in music industry needs to be sorted soon. This will make this place a lot fairer and transparent. Fluxorin provides an innovative solution to this obstacle by using the Blockchain Technology, a decentralized ecosystem to account the artist royalties and payment processing. This will lead to the much needed transparency in the complex world of right ownership and digital distribution and marketing of music in the music industry.It also brings a new model to create music via the usage of Decentralized Autonomous Labels.

It also aims to solve the issues of music piracy which is quite common in today's market.


The first and foremost thing comes in this list is transparency. This is very much needed today in music sector.
Usage of Decentralised Autonomous Labels (DAL) are the smart contracts which will automated the things like distribution, labelling etc.
Low cost of operation.
Proper distribution of profits and royalties.
The use of Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing model would make music publication and distribution easier while maintaining a higher quality via sharing of playlist with the friends and community on the platform's network.

Road Map and Risk Factor of FLUXORIN


In our everyday life, music is an imperative factor in excitement segments. It invigorates our brain and causes us to focus on our day to day work. Thus, we are so thankful to artists. Their obligation is difficult to reimburse. In any case, these days, it involves distress that artists don't get paid legitimately for their deeds.

fluxorin.io has approached to assist them with getting their genuine instalment and regard. By utilizing blockchain innovation, they began music gushing framework which guaranteeing performers that their creation does not ransack. The transformation of FLUXORIN for music industry causes a ton to lessen the rate of robbery. Organizations and PROs are moreover by and large unfit to perceive the recipients for the prominence portions, so the money is put held, and at last, that money has flowed among imprints and merchants in perspective of their bit of the general business. As the distributors don't have any condition to follow the legitimate acceptor of instalment so they don't impart the instalment to the craftsmen. FLUXORIN is an undertaking to saddle the blockchain advancement to deal with the issue of skilled worker sways and portions by offering straightforwardness to the convoluted chain of rights proprietorship and usage in the automated flow of music, and furthermore, offering another model of the music creation process by methods for the Decentralized Autonomous Labels.

Road Map and Risk Factor:

Road map of an organization is very important. It discusses about organization’s previous, present and future plans. Anyone can get actual conception of a particular company after watching the road map. The road map of FLUXORIN is so long that the provided whitepaper can’t discuss thoroughly. They only discuss about its’ recent or upcoming goals. At first, we look over on Q4 in 2017, they had understood the new concept of fluxorin.io Projects. Then they check the feasibility of technical assessment. In early 2018, in new Q1 phase; they have combined some member for the project and have prepared new whitepaper.

After that they have audited on token sale which is very important for them. After finishing the audits on token sale, they have entered into phase Q2 and Q3 combined in the same year. In Q2 and Q3 phase they will perform some important functions. At first, they will start whitelist registration. After completing the registration process, they will look forward for token pre-sale. It will happen in two phases. This token sale section is only for some special clients with great discounts. When the pre-sale of tokens will over, then main token will be sold to general clients. KYC or Know Your Customer is an important issue for any organization. Organizations have to understand client’s mentality and their purpose and desire. After understanding all of this, they must have to fulfill it. So, performing well in this sector is so much crucial. After selling the main tokens to general clients FLUXORIN will work on KYC. After collecting all KYC this company will move on next stage. We all have learned that, FLUXORIN’s main function is blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology, it assures its’ client mainly artists or musicians that their products are safe and there is no chance of damage. So, they always need to improve this technology for better performance. In above, we talked about this company’s next step after KYC. So finally, we finally learned that the next step will be developed blockchain technology and integrates its several elements. That will be the final stage of Q2 and Q3 Phase. In following phase Q4, fluxorin.io will work on to make a strong bond with their clients in music industry. They will also work on legal process in the music industry. As this company is also online based system so they will improve their website and mobile application for scrutiny in the eyes of professionals. The brand ambassadors will be unveiled during launching. In 2019, their one of the most important goal is improving and enhancing database system which is a great effort for the organization. They will also launch radio service in 2019. They will also take some important steps like launching FLUX Token Wallet and also launching crypto converter to assist their clients and want to gain attraction from those who isn’t their clients right now. These all steps will be done in phase Q1. In phase Q2, they will arrange a conference with stakeholders and leaders. These are the upcoming road map of FLUXORIN. Some important name must be mentioned. Without their hard work it won’t be possible for FLUXORIN to reach this level. While mentioning the name, at first, it comes co-founder name will come first.

There are 2 co-founders in FLUXORIN. They are Paul Schmidts who is also business developer and Josef Silvestre, the project manager of the organization. Then Rebecca Ramirez’s name will come after who is both business analyst and Community Managers. The next important name is Maria Andrews who is both editors and business risk analyst. Isaac Jacobson (Bounty Manager and Business Analyst), Alicia Simsons (Public Relation Specialist and Digital Marketing), Stefan Hawes (Content Creation and Community Manager) and Steven Iverson (Senior Website and Application Developer) are all the important name who puts a lot of effort to develop the company. There are also some risk factors in this business. When clients involve in flux tokens through investing he has taken a huge amount risk by himself. There is a chance that the public price of flux tokens will go lower or decline. If that happens, clients can lose everything what he has invested. This kind of possibility’s chance is not more than 5%. So both organizations and clients must have to notice about this things.


We have discussed the road map of fluxorin.io in above section. This road map helps the client and normal person to understand the future work of fluxorin.io. Its’ road map is well defined and structural. We have also talked about important contributors to this organization whose dedication unforgettable. There is also some risk factors which is described in earlier. Right now, there is no way to stop this risk. Both clients and organization all can do is to receive safety precaution to avoid these errors.


Website https://www.fluxorin.io/

WhitePaper https://www.fluxorin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FLUXORIN.pdf

Twitter https://twitter.com/fluxorin_io

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/fluxorin.io/

Telegram https://t.me/FluxorinICO

ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4361686.0

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Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1058023

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