ICO International Auto Club

It is always interesting when to ICO there are projects which have achieved already much in business.

ICO International Auto Club just such case this organization is one of the largest a cashback services with the payment service provider.

It is possible to learn about the platform and carrying out a tokenseyl on the website of ICO and in White Paper in more detail.


Today, International Auto Club (IAC) is the only cashback service with own payment service provider and with release of bank co-branded cards together with Alfa-Bank.

At the same time discounts provide to users of the platform more than 12000 offline shops and 700 online stores.

IAC is really serious organization which has passed a big way since launch in 2014 and continues the development.

As technologically the release of tokens isn't particularly complex operation it is possible to be sure with high degree of probability that in this case all will start integrate and the token won't depreciate to zero values and won't disappear.

In difference from many projects appearing from scratch here on a game reputation of firm.

As far as I have understood technologi cally everything will be organized as follows — at the stage ICO ERC20 AutoToken with the par value of $1 will be on sale, and then, after the termination ICO — on the basis of a blockchain of Graphene (BitShares 2.0) will lift AutoUnit network and will exchange 1 AutoToken for 10 AutoUnit.

Thus the par value of means of calculations in the AutoUnit (AU) platform which will bargain at the exchanges will be $0.1.

At least it is possible to expect that on BitShares trade in a token will be available right after start of network.

As well as in Bitshares there will be delegates the certifying transactions and earning reward which is defined by the parameter of network and will be probable them very little.

85 982 639 tokens of AutoToken will be released. Tokens will be issued not at a time and in process of sale.

It is planned to sell 70% of tokens. Other tokens will be distributed between participants of a baunti-campaign team of the project and edvayzer.

Hard Cap taking into account discounts makes about 50 million dollars.

58% of the raised funds will be aimed at the development and improvement of payment service provider including opening of own Bank and its branches worldwide, are planned to spend 32% of the raised funds for marketing and 10% of the raised funds will be aimed at the technological development and support of the platform.

According to WP and the road map after end of ICO the embodiment of grandiose plans is planned.

I don't doubt that having received sufficient financing the team of the International Auto Club project really will be able a lot of things.

Whether but let's understand there will be from it an advantage to investors?

Pluses and minuses

Again I want to emphasize that the main plus which I see in this ICO that it almost for certain will take place tokens will be added also the situation at which they will depreciate to zero is extremely improbable.

However the stretched terms of ICO and huge Hard Cap allow to predict that by the time of end of ICO there will be a mass of persons interested (first of all, Baunti's recipients) to leave the project as soon as such opportunity will be given.

Who wanted to buy everything — will buy on ICO of deficiency after ICO for certain won't be.

And the most important isn't present the long-term factor allowing to hope for income from these investments.

The only hope of the minority shareholder is in what from where the mass of persons interested to buy tokens more expensively than on ICO will undertake and them can be resold successfully.

However, it can be told about absolute majority of the current ICO projects.

What it would be possible to make to attract investors?

To reduce terms of carrying out ICO and Hard Cap at least by 10 times on condition of simultaneous carrying out the massive advertizing company in the West, the East (Japan, South Korea, China) and in Russia.

To direct at least 25% of profit of the company for payment of dividends to investors since launch of network and further.

To direct at least 25% of profit of the company for monthly repayment and destruction/freezing of tokens since launch of network and further.




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