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 Puregold.io is a dedicated virtual shop for value-added selling of gold and silver coins and bars. It is one of Singapore’s best private companies with its own in-house factory. It aspires to be the main core of premium gift in quality and creativity in the manufacture of coins and bars that are made in Singapore.
Puregold.sg manages and manages an online platform, Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd), enabling
traders and consumers to use gold as the base currency for all transactions. With its experience in the gold price market, Puregold.sg has entered the gold trade and electronic trading with gold, achieving a successful trajectory, has received several awards for being a remarkable brand every year, evaluated in the aspects such as brand image, longevity, esteem and familiarity, goodwill, customer loyalty and general market acceptance. 

 As a successful gold business operator, Puregold is a very strategic and critical way
to support PGG, a cryptocurrency supported by Gold, as well as to develop and expand a payment gateway with PGT and PGG. It is the first payment gateway using PG, so it attracted business associates and professionals with similar ideas, thus forming the Puregold team to launch this Token Swap for PGT and PGG.

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd) is a subsidiary of Puregold.sg Pte Ltd. It provides an online platform where customers can buy and sell gold and also use gold as a means of payment in the purchase of goods and services. She believes in the idea of ​​”Gold is money” and literally took it to the world of e-commerce.
Working together, they offer customers a complete and enjoyable service experience when dealing with their gold transactions.

With its extensive credentials and experience in the gold business, the Token Swap capabilities will enable Puregold to expand its roadmap to achieve the vision of worldwide adoption of gold as a de facto international currency throughout world trade and transactions.

With strong commercial positioning and extensive gold expertise, the Puregold Token Swap team predicts to be the first payment gateway using PGG, cryptocurrency gold. This platform will be fully based on all critical components: 

 • PG Stored Value Cards – to be issued to consumers with a PG account that can store PGG and PGT;
• PG payment terminals – to facilitate merchants accepting payment for PG cards;
• PG Gold Dispenser Machines (DM) – to be installed in multiple locations to provide 24/7 convenient access to account holders;
• PGPay payment gateway – the complete set of backend system and frontend application for online and mobile transactions. 

There are two equally important sides to the infrastructure needed to ensure the  rapid adoption of the gold economy. The ability to make payments and the ability to  receive payments. The Puregold mobile commerce application will process payments and utilize the vast resources of the world’s largest payment providers using decentralized digital payment technology, without the support of POS terminals to receive payments.

The Puregold team has been actively building a decentralized alternative payment,  business solutions covering all areas of commerce, especially the retail sector, such as  restaurants and bars, for street traders and internet shops. The Puregold business mobile commerce application will be a mobile solution specific to all  businesses and across all industries. Functions include:


  • Gold currency trading;
  • Transaction history;
  • Detailed payment management;
  • Currency filtering, payment time, purchase methods etc .;
  • Connections of new stores;
  • Customized loyalty and refund programs.


Puregold E-Commerce Solutions

Puregold Gold Commerce solutions will generate traders’ ability to accept gold coins, but also:

  • Conversion between gold coins and fiat money on the Puregold platform (available after completion of the Token Swap campaign);
  • Increased payment speed, it takes approximately 1 minute compared to days for current payment methods (except cash);
  • Reduced costs. On average, payments through the Puregold infrastructure will be 4 to 5 times cheaper than the cost of acquiring cards;
  • Flexibility with a wide range of payment solutions;
  • Reliability, all solutions have been tested over years of development and real-time. 


There are two equally important sides of the infrastructure required to ensure the rapid adoption of Gold economics. The ability to make payments and the ability to receive payments.

The Puregold mobile commerce App will process the payments which in turn will utilise the vast resources of the world’s biggest payment providers by using digital contactless payment technology through supporting POS terminals to receive payments.

Nevertheless, there are still millions of businesses that for a wide variety of reasons are unable or unwilling to connect to this payment network. For example, you will not find many street traders in Delhi that have a contactless visa terminal.

The Puregold team has been actively building alternative contactless payment solutions for business covering all areas of business life from key retail sectors such as restaurants and bars, to street traders and the internet stores. 

 The Puregold mobile commerce App for business will be a dedicated mobile solution for businesses that can be applied to all sectors. Functions include:

  • Gold currency exchange
  • Transaction history
  • Manage payment details
  • Filter by currencies, payment time, shopping methods etc.
  • New store connections
  • Customised loyalty and cashback programs



With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “PGT Token ”, here is the data. 


Website:  https://puregold.io/en

Whitepaper:  https://puregold.io/doc/Puregold%20ICO%20White%20Paper%20v1.0.pdf

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/puregoldio/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PuregoldICO

Telegram:  https://t.me/joinchat/G6LYPxIjyzw5AOX7f1BVRw 

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1058023
ETH 0xED89d18D66133d7e3920c965cF4939012Bee7a7C  

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